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  1. Thanks JcMagpie for the reply it seems that the site is now working fine without doing anything from my side, will keep and monitoring and post .
  2. Looking for assistance with website stylesheet. I have a heavy modified v2.2 Candidate 2a website and lately we are loosing the borders and oscommerce buttons and pictures when opening next page. First landing page displays fine but borders and images of oscommerce disappears clicking for next page. See attached pictures. Assistance will be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I have installed the Graphical Borders & Individual Boxes and I am having a problem when the individual boxes are displayed in the middle page. The description that appears next to the picture is one offset , it is the first box product description appears in the next box and this gets repeated for all the following boxes. Can someone please assist with this. Thanks a million . Moneysa :rolleyes: