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  1. Hi I downloaded the contribution, but every time that I input the credit card information I get this error: "Credit Card Error: The card entered is being declined. This most often is due to incorrectly entered information. Please try re-entering your information." I have tried the test credit card number provided in the contribution, and I have tried a working real credit card, but in both cases I get the same result. Finally, I checked the merchant's log-in, and password info and it's correct. Any help? Thanks in advance: Fabian.
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    Look at 'On the Fly' Auto Thumbnailer using GD Library
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    USPS Shipping Module Problem

    Hi. I'm having problems with the USPS tool, too. I already set up an account with them, and I have put the user name and password in the shipping module in the admin part, it is configured in the testing server, but when it comes to ask the user about the shipping method, the only one available is "Best Way," and the USPS says that en error occurred with the USPS shipping calculations. What can I do?