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  1. SilkyKameron

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    i have had a look through and its all complicated for me all i need is a simple checkout code start to finish a simple copy and paste if its not possible then i understand. also any updates and inserts that may be needed later once the checkout is installed will be relatively easy for me to add as its just a case of scrolling down the text then inserting or replacing text. incase anybody is wondering, the way i made my website was simple copy and paste, i know nohing what-so-ever about inputting code and have done this with pictures, i can add code later if i want which is why i am asking for a simple copy and paste technique, i go to text editor and paste then save then refresh my page and its there. simple. hope someone can help yours sincerly silkykameron ps my site is www.you-desire.co.uk and its adults only
  2. SilkyKameron

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    i dont know how to install onto my wwebsite as i asked my provider and they said i have to ask oscommerse but im not sure anyone will know how to use my provider if they are all different please help yours sincerely silkykameron
  3. SilkyKameron

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    does anyone have a full code to of a checkout so i can insert it into my checkout page as i am running a catalogue without one as i have just started my website yours sincerely silkykameron ps. im new
  4. SilkyKameron

    fast easy checkout

    hi everyone this is the first time i have done this and have not a clue what i am doing, i was wondering if any on had the full code to input into a web page to make a checkout as i am stuck, i have downloaded fast easy checkout after my web provider advised me to do once contacting this site (one.com is my provider) my site is you-desire.co.uk and i need a checkout. its not linked so if you were to see it you would understand yours sincerly silkykameron ps apologies to the person before me if i have interupted your question if i have interupted it. i dont know what button to press thankyou