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  1. Adam46

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Found Problem..... It had nothing to do with the MVS module. If was due to the Get 1 free module I had installed earlier.(it was not deleting the products from the Get 1 free table when deleting the free product
  2. Adam46

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Having a slight problem with the MVS 1.1 system I have 2 vendor:- Vender A Shipping Module - Per Item Vendor B Shipping Module - Per Item Shipping Module - Flate Rate Customer orders 2 products, 1 with Vendor A and 1 with Vender B The problem is if the customer select the Per Item shipping method for both products the order get doubled and messed up. ie created duplicate order with the same order ID and there is multiple products in the order. I have also installed many other add-on so not sure if this is to do with MVS or not. Any one have any idea?
  3. Adam46

    Get 1 Free

    Sorry Guys!!!! made a typo in the includes/function/get_1_free.php file Just upload the one from the corrected 1.4 version
  4. Adam46

    Get 1 Free

    Just uploaded a new version of this (1.4) which now removes the "Get 1 Free" hen the expire dte has passed. The prevoius version only did this after you went through the check out process. New Version
  5. Adam46

    Get 1 Free

    I have just installed this addon It is just what I wanted. Made a few minor tweeks to it so that is show the product if a free gift at all stages of the order process. Thanks again for the clear and easy to understand instructions. Much appreciated :) :thumbsup: