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  1. Misery_Kitty

    zoom into images mootools?

    i must say this is a fantastic find... sorry i cant help you but wanted to comment on a great find cheers kel
  2. hi guys, i was looking through the forum and doing searches to find a way to remove the sub categories from showing up above the featured products as shown here: http://antkel23.com/eStore/index.php/cPath/36 but keep them only listed in the left column?? and the other questions is... instead of the featured product box showing after i click the main category (in the example above i'd like it when i click women the sub categories show under in the left column but images show in the right column.... for example click womens and images different types of womens clothing appears on the right column that are clickable to move on to design listings as products...) i hope that makes sense... as i would hate to think my customers need to click womens then clothing then pick a type of garment then click an artwork to put on it all as subcategories... a little annoying for them all this clicking and not seeing the garment etc, visuals would be much much better. thanks in advance guys... kel
  3. Misery_Kitty

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    now i'm jealous that you have such a feature and that you can do this off you're own back!!!... really nice job mate!!!
  4. Misery_Kitty

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    i fiddled till clicked add to cart but left it at that just so i thought i'd save bogus orders coming through lol , hows cools that you got it to bounce a sms to you're mobile!! nice job!!... :D
  5. thanks for the reply.... i gave up on the gift voucher/coupon side of my store but it will be helpful to others, still muchly appreciate the reply! :)
  6. Very Helpful and Friendly person, GREAT addition to the community!! Thanks Janice!

  7. *hugs* you're a legend!!! i really cant thank you enough!! if i can help out at all with anything don't hesitate to ask!!! i'd love to return the favor. worked like a charm and i was about to give up lol... thanks Janice!!! :D
  8. Misery_Kitty

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    i love it!... i think the only thing i personally would change (if i was good enough lol... which i'm not) is hide/remove the scroll bar so it looks as though the customers needs to go through one step at a time selecting next/previous as they go. but apart from that it looks fantastic! is this what the custom computer creator does? once customized to you're site that is ;) FANTASTIC JOB!!!
  9. Misery_Kitty

    Image change when attribute changes - drop down menu

    i stumbled across this today guys... not exactly what i was looking for but might help some people looking for something close to what the thread suggests :) http://usmis.sourceforge.net/
  10. Misery_Kitty

    Image change when attribute changes - drop down menu

    for me personally i'd like it to change the colour of my item. (this way true colours rather then words can be seen, this eliminates the problem of red is red to me but someone else may think it's burgandy king of problems) i thinks its bizarre a contribution for a drop down menu selection to just load another pic hasn't been developed/wanted by someone who knows what they are doing. :blink: i would have thought something like in admin each attribute/colour added has an option to upload an image with it, then the image is the only thing that changes on selection not a whole page refresh.(it seems alot of people are after this type of contribution but people who know what they are doing are possibly rolling their eyes at our please for help with it... until you ;) ) And this would give us an alternative to the radio button contribution (which don't get me wrong is great for the example that is shown on that contribution page, but only works for thing like that... to me it seems messy/long winded to have all colours available for a mug say in rows with buttons :blush: ). my 2 cents... sorry its a sore spot at the moment as i've spent countless hours looking for either a online tshirt designer script/software (which costs a fortune) or this exact contribution for oscommerce and nothing, no replies from any forums, no opinions/tips, no blogs nothing >_<
  11. no go? bugger its such a shame as a: alot of people seem to be looking for it... and b: i spent another 2 days looking for an alternative that is clean and will work...and i am really really at a loss... maybe somone can see an alternative i cant at the moment?? advice/opinions would be muchly appreciated... thanks kel
  12. hi guys, i have spent a few hours searching (i must be using bad search words :blush: ) but i cant seem to find a contribution that allows me to have an attribute drop down menu with colours, then when a colour is selected the product image changes to match. i have seen the "Options as Images for MS2" but i would really love to avoid the radio buttons and only have one image showing at a time. ;) it's seen on many tshirt etc type store... where you select you're size and colour of a tshirt and the image changes to coincide with the colour selected. i imagine its out there but i am having trouble finding it... :( thanks guys and sorry if its right in front of my nose... i honestly tried searching before i posted >_<
  13. Misery_Kitty

    live help/support/desk any suggestions?

    lol i didnt notice!! only newish to queensland and can i tell you i love this place!!! victoria was not the place for me... dreamt of queensland for years and finally took the dive in october 07!!! thanks again! :D nice shop btw... my other half will have to start giving you some business ;) and we will recommend you to all our friends/family (yes a BIG bunch of game buffs our circle is)
  14. hi just wondering has anyone managed to solve the issue of having to click the x/close button twice before the lighbox closes?? any help would be muchly appreciated :)
  15. Misery_Kitty

    live help/support/desk any suggestions?

    hey thanks for the reply!