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  1. I can make a couple suggestions if you'd like.
  2. i had the problem - dunno what really happened but a bud sen me his version and wham - works fine now. Go figure.
  3. the cart does this - enable downloads in admin.
  4. That would be the easiest route - however because we are offering VOD movies, I prefer to have no barrier to site entry up front. Our cometition is cinemanow and i would hate to push anyone away by making an adult content statement before they even see we have hundereds of hollywood titles. Using some code posted in another topic i can easily stop the user and redirect them to a verify page. Its the form i need to set a cookie thats really giving me the shits - well and the reidirect code too.... if ($cPath_array[0] == '1') { if (!tep_session_is_registered('ageagree') || ($agreed != 'age')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link($cPath_array[0] == '1')); } else { if (!tep_session_is_registered('ageagree') || ($agreed != 'nosir')) { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_DEFAULT)); } } I know I'm heading in the right direction its just that the road is quite bumpy and rather untravelled. If my logic is all messed up PLEASE point me in a good direction. I could also use help with registering the agreed value.... I'm really lost on this one.....
  5. Jack, I have been struggling with this for a month. At the risc of sounding ungreatful, your answer has done little more to clarify this for me. I have seen other mods done but for the life of me can't get my head around it. Is there some way that you could perhaps in your infinate wisdome help a fella out a bit more?
  6. I would actually like to see something where the user can reffer people and based on the number of signups - not purchases, they could be rewarded. This would be great if incorporated to track in the tell a friend module.... viral is my favourite kinda marketing :)
  7. Marcel, Is there a way this can be modified to create an "age agreement" page? What I am trying to do is restrict access to a category untill you agree to being over 18..... Any help is VERY greatly appreciated as I am very new at php.
  8. having same prob - it does work - problem is after it sends the email it redirs to a non existant product - and sends the wrong email message. I've asked for the author to help - no luck. And im php illiterate :(
  9. in downloads controller set the order status value to 1 Will work fine from there
  10. good luck. I have the second last version working to the point only that it will send now from any page. The problem is that it now redirects the sender to a product that doesnt exist and the email message is not the correct one - it still referres to a product also. The idea is great - as is so much of OSc - problem is getting any help with any of it for us no php gurus. BTW - i contacted the author of the contrib - a month ago - no reply.
  11. Question... Purchases made with a GV show the purchase as "processing". This occurs when I as the admin send myself a GV. The probelm I have is that I am offering products by download - so needless to say they dont appear for download.... How can I change the level to "delivered" without having to do it manually?
  12. Using easy_populate_2.62-ms2 - well trying to - and it gives me some very crappy results. The most annoying is that it duplicates the category and products every single time. It also creates a "product expected" listing on the main page of my store.... Has anyone had any luck with this contrib as I see quite a few issues. Is there a better way to populate my DB? I have 1000's of products to add across 2 different installs and as much as I like OSC I cant be spending days on end trying to get my products in. Anybody?