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  1. Has anyone tested this addon? I don't want to change a working site if there are problems with this addon but I do want to implement limited access for certain administrators.
  2. No problem - IF I manage to successfully make changes I'll be happy to post the mods.
  3. Now installed and does almost all I want. Hopefully, I can tweak it to get the refinement I'm after. Many thanks for your link to this addon. Ken
  4. oldcelt

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    Would it be possible to restrict a group to products only - i.e. allow access to only one category? Love the addon otherwise.
  5. oldcelt

    Easy Admin Group - Login Issues

    Oops - missed an instruction. Message cancelled!
  6. Many thanks: looks the business: will try it tomorrow!
  7. Has anyone Updated Administration Access Level Accounts 2.0 for 2.3? No point in reinventing the wheel :-)
  8. oldcelt

    Admin_acl addon - what is it?

    Thanks a lot. Senility causes me to take a long time to analyse code these days and I appreciate your swift analysis. I had suspected much of what you say after a quick 'shufti'. I only wish I could find an addon that replicates the osCMax Admin functions. Ken
  9. This appears to be some sort of admin access control but no description can be found (by me at least). Even after downloading it, the instructions are, shall we say, a bit terse. I don't want to waste time installing it if it has nothing to do with what I want! Anybody throw any light on it please?
  10. oldcelt

    Simple Admin Access Control

    As the last post in this thread was 2013, is there an updated, working version of this (allegedly) simple access control script please?
  11. oldcelt


    I forgot to say that I'd tried to follow the instructions on osCmax forum for setting up Sitemonitor (2.9) but it seems to be no longer relevant for Sitemonitor 3.2
  12. oldcelt


    Thank you very much. Is there any guidance on installation adjustments necessary?
  13. oldcelt


    Is the latest release, v3.2, compatible with osCmax 2.5.3?
  14. oldcelt

    Multiple Stores add-on

    Oh, I just wondered if somebody had made the necessary mods but hadn't put it up on this site. Could have been possible and I'd be prepared to pay for the update (within reason :) ) Ken
  15. oldcelt

    Multiple Stores add-on

    There is an add-on for this purpose but it only works with an older version of osCommerce. Has anyone modified it to work with the latest version or, even better, written a new add-on?