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  1. stormysar

    Free of Charge

    Is it possible to make downloads instant right after checkout with 'free of charge' module? If so - how?
  2. stormysar

    [contribution] Super Download Store

    I installed this tonight - looks like everything installed... but... Can anyone tell me if the 'free of charge' module can be used in conjunction wtih this contrib to get downloads automatically? I have a few files that are free, for stats sake (I have advertisers who want to know distribution) I want to know how often they're getting downloaded, what states/countries its most popular in, etc. so I don't want to just offer a link and have people download the items. Obviously, once someone orders I want them to be able to get their product right away. I am using paypal standard, paypal express, free of charge (only installed contrib for payments) and cash/money order. I created the two new order statuses. I updated the numbers to 11 and 12 (we being the 'update'). I changed the order status in the 'free of charge' contrib to 'download now' There is no auto download of these products - order status still shows as 'pending' on invoice. I have redirect turned off - should I try it turned on? When I set status to 'download now' there is an active link to download the product at the bottom of their invoice. So it is making the connection to the file, I just need to figure out how, if at all, the download can be enabled right away instead of me manually changing the status. Help?
  3. I am trying to figure out the installation instructions for PWA v2.0 Instructions read: "Use a file compare program to compare the included files. Look for Code surrounded by // PWA BOF and // PWA EOF" I don't have any file compare programs that i know of - what do you recommend? Will one merge the changes where they need to be made, or will i still copy and paste? Next question - if I do this all manually (I'd like to get it done tonight), can I copy the new code and paste it into the correct document above the ?> Or will it need to be in a specific area (like where I found it on the included files?) Thank you, Sarah
  4. Ah - thank you! When I run a backup from admin, does that include the datebase on phpadmin? I'm a bit nervous about installing something like this where I have to do things I've never done before, and don't want to mess up my store db beyond repair... I run a backup from admin, and download all of my current catalog files to a folder on my external storage each time I make a change that I like - is there anything else i need to back up, to ensure ifI do screw something up and have to re-install everything, I have everything?
  5. I am trying to install the affiliate program. I'm stumped over the instructions of "MySQL ALTERATIONS Insert the new tables found in the affiliate.sql file into your osCommerce catalog database." How do I do this?
  6. stormysar

    free of charge install issue

    Nevermind... They unzipped, I have a successful install. Thank you.
  7. stormysar

    free of charge install issue

    Warning: skipping "Free Of Charge\catalog\". The general purpose flags stored in the local header for this file are not the same as the general purpose flags stored in the central header I get this message for every file in the zip, except the readme (I think) What can I do about this to open it? The directions state to upload the files to my os commerce installation folder - does that mean my /catalog/ folder? or the catalog/install files that I deleted upon successful OSC installation?
  8. stormysar

    Registry Contribution (Support Thread)

    My first install created a bunch of warnings and fatal errors... I believe I fixed them because they don't show up anymore. However when I attempt to access the registry in admin, this shows up next to it: Database not available at this time. Table 'mothe009.registry' doesn't exist I also cannot see any sign of a registry in my catalog - do I need to turn it on from admin?
  9. Everything SEEMS to have gone well with the install (there are no more warnings or fatal warnings on my main catalog page...) I can access the gift registry in admin, but get this: Database not available at this time. Table 'mothe009.registry' doesn't exist Do I need to go into my web hosting and create a new database named that? Or is this something to create within my catalog? Then for events - shoudln't my customer be able to choose which event they want to use, or should I include most gift-giving occasions plus a spot for 'other' incase there is something I have missed?
  10. stormysar

    Where do I copy the files to?

    I THOUGHT I had posted this to the support thread! I am trying toinstall paypal ipn v2.3.3
  11. stormysar

    Where do I copy the files to?

    I am trying to install this mod, but don't even know where to begin! Do I select all of the files from this contrib after i've unzipped them, then copy them to my /catalog/ directory... And where do I paste 'em? By 'installation folder' does this mean I copy the whole contrib folder to the install folder I originally used (and deleted) to install OSC? Or do I upload the whole folder to the main /catalog/ directory where this contrib folder will be up there with ext, admin, downloads, etc. AND I copy the whole folder to /ext/? Do i copy it to /ext/modules/payment/paypal? Or just copy the files? Please help? in the install files, it also mentions a 'new' /ext folder. I already have an /ext folder with my version of OSC... Do I need to create another one? So lost... Also, do I need this module if I've activated IPN through paypal and the IPN module in my original in admin is set up to work with the paypal notification url? Sarah