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  1. tadman

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi Using Google XML Sitemap v1.4 and Ultimate SEO URLS v2-2.2d8 This is in regards to the sitemap generating SEO friendly urls. They used to be created but now all the urls are unfriendly i.e. "product_info?products_id=xx" .... instead of the friendly urls. Only change recently made was an addition of the Links Manager II contribution. Anyone know/experienced this issue?
  2. Greetings We want to use zone shipping fixed rates i.e. zone_1 = $15, zone_2 = $20 etc. There seems to be two ways to do this: 1. Use Flat Rates module by creating a new Flat Rate mod for each zone and set the fixed rate. 2. Use Zone Rates module and change $this->num_zones depending on how many zones you need and set the table rates based on weight. Firstly for Zone Rates is it possible to set a fixed rate for each zone and not weight-based rates? And if it is possible which is the better module for fixed rate zonal shipping? Or is it just down to preference?
  3. tadman

    Links Manager II

    Regarding Links Check Phrase and its use ... I added a couple phrases to Links Check Phrase separated by commas - "www.domain.com, domain" But when links_check was run the result returned was incorrect. So I just limited it to one phrase and now it works. Possible bug?
  4. tadman

    Links Manager II

    Fixed it. For some reason we were missing the function tep_hide_session_id() in admin/includes/html_output/functions.php. This was called when creating forms and instead off flagging an error it just didn't display any contents within the form. Strange ...
  5. tadman

    Links Manager II

    Sorry I forgot to mention that I did drop all the LINKS% tables too. I have had a look for db entries for this linkshare contrib but have found nothing, and in its install instructions there was no mention of DB changes/updates.
  6. tadman

    Links Manager II

    Did a complete re-install again: 1. Deleted references to link manager in CONFIGURATIONS AND CONFIGURATIONS_GROUP 2. Copied files over again 3. Did the steps again and then ran links_setup All done successfully with no problems. Then .. 4. Set up Links Check Phrase 5. Set up Links Exchange 6. Created a category TEMP Then I successfully submitted a link. But still nothing displayed in ADMIN or on the links page itself. As before in Links Manager II -> Links - no table headings, buttons either. Checked files and they are all in correct place. HOWEVER .. on the store I am working on they used to use linkshare contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2122 But this did not update database and these files were different names anyway and have been removed.
  7. tadman

    Links Manager II

    I assume you create links in Link Manager II -> Links? Because there is no option in there - it is just a heading with some text on the right TEXT_MISSING_VERSION_CHECKER. No options/buttons for creating links ...
  8. tadman

    Links Manager II

    Hi Having problems approving the link. I created a category and after submitting a link request successfully I go to Admin -> Links Manager II -> Links but nothing is displayed. Where do I approve the link? I have Ultimate SEO URLs v2.2d-8 which I have disabled to make sure nothing is interefering and I reset the SEO cache. Also when I click Links Manager II -> Links Status - nothing is displayed. I have created links with and without Reciprocal Link Required. Cheers, T
  9. Thanks ... now it works fine. cPath id is passed through. There is another problem though :( ... When I disable the contribution i.e. set Enable SEO URLs to false, when I try to view a product (product_info.php) it hangs before displaying "This webpage has a redirected loop". When I enable SEO again it's fine. My setup info: Osc 2.2-MS2 PHP 5.2.13 Apache 2.2.15 I am also using the Product Listing Enhancements, Thumbnails & Manufacturers contrib.
  10. Hi Jack I have uninstalled SEO URLs ( had to manually delete the records on the configuration table as using the UNINSTALL option would display the "1146 - Table 'xxxxxx_oscommerce.cache' doesn't exist") So the SEO URL has now reinstalled after refreshing the page. I have set "Add category parent to product URLs?" to true. This is for category name and ID I assume? Anyway the cPath ID is still not being passed through with the rewritten URLs ... Have double checked my edited files and .htaccess to match the original install instructions ...
  11. Hi Recently upgraded from 2.2d_7 to 2.2d_8 but the cPath variable option doesn't come up under the SEO URLs menu. All I get are options: Add category parent to product URLs? true Add category parent to begining of URLs? false For the upgrade I just copied the reset.seo.cache and seo.class from the upload dir. Also as an aside when I try to uninstall the SEO URLs it tells me CACHE table does not exist ...
  12. Thanks for the info. Also you couldn´t recommend a good Sitemap XML contribution - again there seem to be various versions flying around ...
  13. Thanks - I installed 2-2.2d7 and it works great. Quick question - could I also pass the cPath GET variable in the URL? I see you can add the category name, but for navigation purposes I need to pass the cPath number.
  14. Hello We are currently using oscommerce MS2 and would like to install Ultimate SEO urls. However there are so many versions of this add-on, does anyone know which version would be best for the MS2 version?
  15. Hi Would like to know what the easiest way is to change the Buy Now button so it is a hyperlink i.e. just text with underscore instead of an image button? Is this done in product_listing.php? Many Thanks, Tadman ps. Great contribution btw ...