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  1. bning

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi. Many thanks for your info. I simply added the line : $currency = DEFAULT_CURRENCY; at the top protx_process.php instead and it now works. Many thanks it works really well now.
  2. bning

    Protx Direct v2.22

    Hi. I've installed the latest version Protx direct and it's all working fine. Thanks! I am using the latest version on oscommerce. However I have installed a contribution which is supposed to allow people to shop in their own currency, but when the checkout summary is shown it tells the cusomter that they will be charged in GBP: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3333 Most of this contribution are changes to show the customer that they will be charged in GBP and how many GBP. But the line which is supposed to alledgedly force the checkout process to use GBP does not appear to work for Protx Direct. I keep receiving an error on processing which contains the information "The+value+was+EUR". So change is to add : $currency = DEFAULT_CURRENCY; into the checkout_process.php page just after the application_top.php is included. Where is the currency specified by the Protx Direct module when an order is submitted? Thanks for any help.
  3. bning

    Header Tags SEO

    Great Contribution! I have just installed it and have a few questions. The product titles all come out with 'products new home' in front of them. Is that an SEO trick or can I delete that phrase from the code? Also I have followed the instructions for 'how to operate' but my products keywords meta all come out as "keywords1,keywords2" then the title of the product. Also even though I have clicked 'fill all tags' in the fill tags section of admin, when I go to page control I get this error "Found Missing Tags: Products table has 156 items with missing meta tag information.Categories table has 10 items with missing meta tag information.". Ben.
  4. bning

    Protx with 3D Secure Problems

    Ah ok.. thanks for the info (I better change them back >_< ).
  5. bning

    Protx with 3D Secure Problems

    Hmmm... well I left for lunch and retried after I cam back. And guess what... it works now. Maybe the Protx site needed time to progagate the changes. Anyway its all working now with a little green flag in the Protx test admin section. Only problem now is that the 3d-secure box appears in a box too small for itself, so scrollbars appear. Not ideal but probably easily fixable. I'll post with my results.
  6. bning

    Protx with 3D Secure Problems

    Hi. I have a new site I am trying to setup. I have the latest (v4.4) Protx Direct module installed on my shop. I have checked installed twice and everything is as it should be. I have setup my test account and set the oscommerce backend to authorisation type 'Payment'. Using the Protx test card details on their website I have been able to get successful transactions. However I am having problems getting the 3D secure part to work. I have set 'Allow Mastercard' to 'True - with 3D-Secure' on the oscommerce backend. I have entered the test Protx site (https://ukvpstest.protx.com/vspadmin/) and under admin turned 3d-secure on with just one rule 'Perform the 3D-Secure Authentication'. Now completing a transaction on my shop results in the successful sale. However the 3D secure section never appeared. On the transaction list I have green ticks for CV2, PC and Adr. However I have a red flag for 3D secure i.e. an error. Turning debug on my oscommerce on gives me the line in its output '3DSecureStatus=ERROR'. Can anyone give me a hint to what's going on. Surely the transaction shouldn't go through if there is a 3D Secure error? I am using the correct card info (i.e. house no. 88, cv2 123 and postcode containing 412 [Z41 2ZZ]). Thanks for any help, Ben.