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  1. winterradio

    Automatically send data feed to Froogle

    Hello, I run a few websites and was able to sucessfully install this contribution on one site without any problems. The second site I am trying to install on is located on the same server and I set up the file in the exact same manner. When I try to create a file on this site the window hangs and then times out. I've double and triple checked this many times and normally can work through these problems on my own but I know when I'm licked. By the way I know how irritating it is to respond to the same question over and over again but I couldn't find any reference describing my particular frustrations. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you
  2. winterradio

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Sam, This is by far the most useful substitute I have seen for the product attributes dilemma. I prefer the attributes on the product page as well. This code is unobstrusive because it does not slow the categories page since it is based on XML and ansynchronous javascript. I'm also glad to see you stick to your guns on the contribution. Some of the people with problems, haven't evidently, even fully understood how to add attributes before this contribution. Anyhow, I normally don't comment idly like this but I just wanted to express my gratitude for such a beneficial contribution. Thanks again.
  3. winterradio

    MyWishlist v1.0

    p.products_icode must be from some other contribution the author has implemented. However, I'm also receiving an error to an undefined function in application top. Specifically: Call to undefined function: h4h_get_bo_status() in /home/bluehen/public_html/includes/application_top.php /////////////////////////////// if (h4h_get_bo_status($HTTP_GET_VARS['pid'])) { $cartBO->add_cart($HTTP_GET_VARS['pid'], $cartBO->get_quantity($HTTP_GET_VARS['pid'])+1); } else { $cart->add_cart($HTTP_GET_VARS['pid'], $cart->get_quantity($HTTP_GET_VARS['pid'])+1); } //////////////////////////////
  4. winterradio

    Category Specific Meta Tags

    Oh by the way this will not interfere with linda's contribution but will work in tandem with it. The outline specified in the contribution is only necessary in the default.php page and effects categories sitewide. If anyone has ideas about how to make this also effect unlimited subcategories perhaps tying it in with the category description module give me a holler. Thanks Haast omhoog met de halveringstijd van handel
  5. Just submitted a contibution at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1176 This contribution will help your ranking. You are able to add specific title, description and keywords to individual category pages. Original and quite useful contributions such as header_tags allow you to control each product but only product. This contribution is meant to enable you to further improve your page rank and site popularity by changing the meta tags through a category specific means. If anyone has any ideas on how to improve the meta tags to subcategories using the index.php logic please let me know. Thanks
  6. winterradio

    Pol Booth 1064 ERROR

    Your OSC version is most likely the cause; was this the loaded osc from phesis? was this the actual MS1 from oscommerce(much has changed since then) Check you're pages with a program like beyond compare. It'll save you a bit of time in the future for problems like these.
  7. winterradio

    Quick Sort & copying products

    Sorry that was for the store end. One by one is the only way to do it in the admin side now.
  8. winterradio

    Quick Sort & copying products

    This is as close as it gets http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,738
  9. winterradio

    Product in colums

    In stylesheet.css look for TR.productListing-odd and TR.productListing-even Currently they are included with a group of css elements(ie. - TR.accountHistory-odd, TR.addressBook-odd, TR.alsoPurchased-odd, TR.payment-odd, TR.productListing-odd, TR.productReviews-odd, TR.upcomingProducts-odd, TR.shippingOptions-odd). If you pull them out seperately you can change the background color to white without affecting any other style elements on your site.
  10. winterradio

    Product in colums

    Look in your stylesheet.css file and do a search in this forum. Relevant posts already exist
  11. winterradio

    [Contribution] Catalog products PDF reports

    I think this could also be suitable for the checkout_success.php page. Employed with either invoice.php or a customized packing_slip.php file, it would enable a store owner to offer the customer a downloadable and printable version of their order receipt. Any Thoughts?
  12. winterradio

    [Contribution] Family Products v 1.0

    I know this is a bit off topic but not entirely. Has anyone thought of doing a related item contribution with Ian's discount class to provide the same sort of functionality as Amazon? I think this would be a great upselling mod but lack the time to accomplish it. Just throwing out ideas. What do you think?[/img]
  13. Just wanted to say thank you for posting this contribution. I've been spending more time adding attributes than adding products. This will save me hours. Thanks again
  14. winterradio

    P&G Shipping Module + Manual Entry V0.1 posted

    This is a very worthwhile contribution. One of the most useful I've seen. It allows for many extremely useful features i.e. manual order entry, ability to leave hidden(unseen by customer) comments for every order , tracking url included within url, easily modified header, footer, title and body text for store e-mails and more. It is very useful, but the way in which it was presented has either alienated people thinking this contribution another shipping mod and/or frustrated the hell out of those that try to install it. It is missing 1 file some of the directory commits are improperly labeled in the files, a database field called customer_blacklist is supposed to exist in the customer field, and in order status admin the textfield and a delete button are missing ? I took the validation string out of the file but why is it there in the first place? I don't want to criticize too much but I could see this becoming a very important contribution and it needs to be repackaged so that it works without flaws. After I finally worked through the problems and recoded bits it seems to work great and could serve to eliminate the need for CRM packages or contact databases with a bit more expansion. H
  15. winterradio

    [CONTRIBUTION] Sales Report v1.0

    Great contribution. Only bug I could find is the month of January missing from monthly analysis since v.08