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  1. mazorkam

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    yup I got an error same as U ..then I also Tried change Information manager with the former edition(2047) it work so well.. but there's a little bug in it... when u create new article then u reload ur browser page.. u'll get that ur new articel repeat automaticly... the solution is...after u create new article do reload ur web browser.. :D :D :D :D :D soory for my bad english
  2. mazorkam

    Event Calender

    when i tried in local host..everything works so good... but when I upload to my website..I get this messege in infobox.. Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: calendar in /home/gooce05/public_html/calendar_content.php on line 29 anyone can help me please....because I'm very-very need with this great contribution..
  3. mazorkam

    Cache HTML

    I get the answer... u must choice where will u update.. then.. clik update.... :P :P :P
  4. mazorkam

    Cache HTML

    hi..I get this eror also.. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xamp\xampplite\htdocs\goocek2\catalog\admin\cache_html.php on line 64 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\xamp\xampplite\htdocs\goocek2\catalog\admin\cache_html.php:64) in C:\xamp\xampplite\htdocs\goocek2\catalog\admin\includes\functions\general.php on line 87 what it mean...anyone helpme please....
  5. mazorkam

    CSS Menu

    I instlalled this great contribution...waw..... I have a litle problem... I set my page web width 90%... when I click on index or default page ..it show full page.. but when I click on product it look well or 90% width.. there's anything wrong with my code on index.php or may be in configure_css.php. thanks for the attention n sory for m y bad english warmest regards from indonesia..
  6. mazorkam

    [contribution] Send_order_html_email

    GREAT CONTRIB....i installed this contrib, everything OK except my billing address..why did't show in my order process...there's anything wrong with my checkout process.PHP or others...because before I installed it and used standard orderprocess..it's okey... please help me please...because I have to use this Great contibution... sorry for my bad english... warmest regards from indonesia...
  7. yeah finally i solved my problem by my selff...... my first question... go to catalog...general.PHP...n admin : general.PHP remove the code $statecomma = ''; $streets = $street; if ($street2 != '') $streets = $streets . $cr . $street2; if ($suburb != '') $streets = $street . $cr . $suburb; if ($country == '') $country = tep_output_string_protected($address['country']); try with this one $statecomma = ''; $streets = $street; if ($suburb != '') $streets = $street . $cr . $street2 . $cr . $suburb; if ($country == '') $country = tep_output_string_protected($address['country']); now.....captcha...u see 2nd adrressss.....
  8. i'm sorry..after I checked again..there's problem with my costumer in admin area...phone number n fax code didn't show....n if I update from there..the phone code in addrees book.php...lost also.
  9. thank's for this great contribution.. I'd installed this contribution...it's waw....but I don't know why my 2nd street address didn't show in the, address book and order...but i show 2nd addresn when i check in addressbook_details...then it went away when at addressbook.....i tried to find but i didn't saw any mistake or because i'm not programer... :lol: :lol: this is the code addressbook.php $addresses_query = tep_db_query("select address_book_id, entry_firstname as firstname, entry_lastname as lastname, entry_company as company, entry_street_address as street_address, entry_street_address2 as street_address2, entry_suburb as suburb, entry_city as city, entry_postcode as postcode, entry_state as state, entry_zone_id as zone_id, entry_country_id as country_id from " . TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK . " where customers_id = '" . (int)$customer_id . "' order by firstname, lastname"); thanks for the attention n aswer... warmest regards from indonesia.. :thumbsup:
  10. great contrib...thanks alot every body...i'll try to take the tiny MCE to article_review_write...and product review write...it's work in text area...but when I preview..there's only source code of tiny MCE...like... "_img width="100" height="80" border="0" alt="beloved" title="beloved" src="http://localhost/goocek/catalog/images/beloved.gif- " /__font color="#0099ff"_,lcxm,v.mcxv bfdjkgl;dsfk gldsfklgklfds gdkfsl;gk;ldfsk gldkflgk dfslgkld;sfkg;lkdsf ldflgkds flgkdsflgk dskfgl sdlkgldskf glkdflsgk kdfslgk;ldsfk'glsadkl;g fkdlsfk gdlksfl gl;k_/font__br /_ any body showing me where's my mistake....