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  1. I have had some complains about "potential customers" not purchasing in my site because they can not get a shipping cost without signing up for an account, is there a way to enable a zip code box to calculate shipping without having an account ?
  2. luis_hac

    Simple Credit Card number colletion with encription ?

    I see, the reason why I'm wanting to still do the manual transaction is because some of my orders don't ship till a week later, I might have a QC problem with a product and not be able to ship it till a month later, So I don't want the customer mad at me for running his credit card before I ship the product. Any suggestions ??
  3. I need some help, I currently process credit cards on my local terminal (manually) for my OFF-line Customers. Now that I'm making an online shop I'll like to be able to process my Credit Cards the same way, without having to go to Paypal or the like. I know that OS commerce by default can store the Credit Card number without encryptions (or transposing) the number, which I assume is very insecure. Does any one have a suggestion on how to solve my problem ?? All I want is a Payment Module that will store the CC# in a safer way, (eje. CC# 1234-1234-1234-1234 stored like CC# 1245-1234-1234-1234, CC# first 4 digits plus 13 or something like that) Thanks