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  1. hi, does anyone knows any module or has modified code that allows to show more that one special items at homepage? I'm talking about the specials.php in includes/boxes
  2. chrisavv

    noob order id question

    I need the order id for sending it to the bank as a unique number. I can't use the tep_session_id() functions because when an order completed successfully, and the customer continues for making another order , it conflicts with the bank.... So I need the order id...can someone point me out a way to get it? thanks
  3. chrisavv

    noob order id question

    hi, How can i get the order id, in a customer payment module class? (i need code :P)
  4. chrisavv

    Where to redirect bank response?

    @perfectpassion Thanks, I'll try it as soon as I can and I'll write back!
  5. chrisavv

    Where to redirect bank response?

    Hi, The process_button() function in the cc module submits a form to the bank. Among the other fields that send, it includes a response URL that the bank we will redirect for the response. How can I set that to be the next function in the payment module, that is, before_process() function. Thank in advance
  6. chrisavv

    Virtual Mall 2.2.1 Release Support Thread

    I couldn't edit my previous post so.... How can i get a report showing from which stores are the products purchased?
  7. chrisavv

    Virtual Mall 2.2.1 Release Support Thread

    Hello, I'm getting this error Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in checkout_process.php on line 167 line 167 is: 'store_id' => $order->$products[$i]['store_id'], I checked the products table and there is a coloumn store id.... any help on this?
  8. chrisavv

    Payment modules not showing

    Hello, I have the very same problem. In my local installation all modules are shown up correctly, but when I uploaded to my server I had the same problem. All that it is shown is the path of the modules (that is correct) and an installation button to the right that does nothing! Can anyone who solved this problem point me out the solution...or a hint to what might be the problem.... Thanks in advance