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  1. Hi Nathan, I, too want to thank you for this contribution! I just installed it and have it working in under 3 hours. You are correct (of course!) that these are DCC options. The issue is that we were trying to precisely follow your list of Payment Fields shown on page 1 of this forum, and the "Cardholder Amount", "Cardholder Currency" and "Conversion Rate" are not listed in my Virtual Merchant config screen. The interface complains that "Cardholder Amount" is already an existing field. That leads me to conclude that the list reflects the DCC setting of our account. We don't have DCC turned on, which is probably why our Payment Fields screen cannot match that shown on page 1. In any case, all I really had to do was set Sales Tax to "No" for not required, and everything is working just fine. It will be nice once that test credit card is working, but I know you are aware of this issue. Also, FYI, I was able to test the connections using card 4111111111111111 with any expiry and CVV 123, but this only worked in Test mode, not Production mode. I wound up using my personal cc to test the final production config. I did have an issue of receiving an error when I had the ChargeIt payment module set to CVV false. My client must have set up the MerchantConnect account to require CVV. All I had to do was set CVV to true and I was off to the races. Well, it's Friday night and I'm going to kick back with a bottle of Pantheon Cellars Lot 06 Panthos. Have a great weekend and thanks again! - Jon Bjork