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  1. I may not quite understand this correctly, as I don't have time to read 90 pages worth of posts on the official support thread. Using full dimensional support will only work assuming you have dimensions for all your items? If they do not have dimensions (or rather the default of 12x12x12) and you have the full support on, it will try to stuff all the items in the packaging that you determine it can fit in. For oversize items it will go for the bigger box, and if the biggest box is over sized it will be charged accordingly ($45 extra or whatnot) So my situation is, I have 13,000+ items and these were entered without dimensions to begin with. However to accurately calculate over sized packages, I had to install dimensions support. I can't use full support as I don't have dimensions for everything. So I go ready-to-ship. The problem I am having is that it does not see it as over sized, even though the dimensions are over sized. I checked the xml.log and it does not show that it is submitting the dimensions when going with ready-to-ship, only the weight. My question is, when doing ready to ship, it should still be sending the dimensions to UPS correct? If so, why would mine not be doing this. What piece of code is supposed to be doing this function?
  2. I know there is quite a few contributions for reports, however I'm looking for one that can sort by category of where the items were bought from. IE all items sold within dvds and cds within the last month.
  3. I keep getting "This transaction cannot be processed due to an invalid merchant configuration." I have done all the API info into the module, the only thing I'm missing is the cURL field, is this the problem? At first I thought it was the fact that there was no Paypal Express installed, so I did that, however it did not fix the problem. Is there something specific in paypal that needs to be set other than api stuff.
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