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  1. Solved. New Firefox checks for missing content like images and css. In my case there was a reference to lightbox.css in the sts_template.html. Valuable resources: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1234052/firefox-3-5-warns-that-page-contains-unauthenticated-content http://www.saynotoflash.com/archives/firefox-3-broken-images-breaking-ssl/
  2. I forgot to write that I am on STS4.6 and when I turn it off in admin, everything works fine ... I searched all of the STS files for any absolute links, I tried different themes (even those originally supplied with STS distribution). It looks like the problem lies somewhere else. Opera and IE are ok, only the Firefox has problems. Any ideas?
  3. SSL troubles I am getting Firefox security warning "Connection Partially Encrypted" when going secure (My account for example). I have checked all the links in sts_template.html and style.css, all of them are relative, no "http:" hardcoded. Where else should I look? Any ideas? web: www.ipodnow.cz
  4. qwasha

    Lightbox for osC3

    Great add-on! Thank you. If I am not mistaken, there is a small typo in: <!-- Include Lightbox (Production) --> <script language="javascript" src="ext/jquery/jquery.lightbox.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/jquery.lightbox.packed.css" /> which should be like: <!-- Include Lightbox (Production) --> <script language="javascript" src="ext/jquery/jquery.lightbox.min.js"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="templates/jquery.lightbox.packed.css" />
  5. qwasha

    Dynamic SiteMap

    OK, so here is another one. Upon installation of the header tags for novices contribution, the main stitemap does not show the name of php files, neither the time of the last update ... ... http://www.edn.cz/ --> http://www.edn.cz/ --> http://www.edn.cz/ --> ... Any ideas?
  6. I have tried everything once again and now it works! Thank you!
  7. qwasha

    Dynamic SiteMap

    I have trouble which I am unable to resolve: ... http://www.edn.czindex.php --> 2008-11-12T16:07:48-08:00 http://www.edn.czproducts_new.php --> 2007-06-14T00:52:00-08:00 http://www.edn.czprivacy.php --> 2006-03-27T19:49:00-08:00 ... As you see, there is a "/" missing in the path. I have tried to change the settings in configure.php, but without any success. Any advice? SOLVED. THANKS!
  8. Upon installation of the module, I am unable to configure it, as the right panel in admin section disappears. Any hint?