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  1. Hello together, i'm testing the PP Express Checkout contrib (5687) v.2.20 and have the following problem: After paying with PP the user is redirected to osc-url/catalog/ppeb.php?geppec=1&cusid=102&addid=79401&fn=TEST&cou=81&zonid=0&payid=D8ADBHOKQK34&tok=EC-098790870987A&Amt=&cur=&payt=&shec=A and shows the error 0 - select customers_default_address_id from customers where customers_id = [TEP STOP] The order is not placed but the customer is created. I think the problem is the url as there are html special chars in. Does anyone know wether this is a Paypal problem or a bug of this contrib (how to fix it?)? Best regards, Jens
  2. change stripos to strpos
  3. Just copy the function tep_hide_session_id from the catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php to catalog/admin/includes/functions/html_output.php or into the verify_language.php (not the best way).