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  1. Hi everyone. Maybe this issue was discussed here already, but this thread is sooo long and the search function of the forum is sooo poor, so here it is : The file name index.php as the default template is hard-coded in sts_display_output.php. So if you want to change our main file name from index.php to shop.php for example STS will not find shop.php.html templates. The code should be : // Are we in the index.php script? If so, what is our Category Path (cPath)? if ($scriptbasename == FILENAME_DEFAULT) { // If no cPath defined, default to 0 (the home page) if ($cPath == "") { $sts_cpath = 0; } else { $sts_cpath = $cPath; } // Look for category-specific template file like "index.php_1_17.html" $sts_check_file = STS_TEMPLATE_DIR . FILENAME_DEFAULT . "_$sts_cpath.html"; if (file_exists($sts_check_file)) { // Use it $sts_template_file = $sts_check_file; } With this change eveything works. Thanks for this great contribution. Greetings, Cristian
  2. When i first saw how many contributions there are for OSC I said i will never install anything until I have a version control system with source compare. So I've come up with this setup. I'm not sure if it's the best and how many of you usi it but it works for me. Eclipse 2.1.2 IDE + PHP IDE (you have 2 options www.xored.com or try to look for a PHP eclipse plugin on Sourceforge, i don't remember the name). I also use the Quantum DB plugin for the MySql database. Add to this a CVS server (i'm using one on a linux machine but it could be local on win32) I know this could be slow (eclipse likes a lot of RAM) but this gives me total control on what I'm changing on my shop. These are just my suggesions. Cristian
  3. Hi there. I'm not a PHP guru, actually I'm a newbie but I've changed CG Discount Specials so that it displays the prices for logged in users based on a setting in Admin. No big deal. So Knut, if you are interested I can give you some pointers. Cristian
  4. On second thought this could mean I'm just plain stupid. Sorry to bother you but it seems that this is more like a feature than a bug. The shopping cart is not updated when you go to checkout. If you want to have it updated you need to press Update button and then go to checkout. Sorry again for spaming this thread and this great contribution ! Cristian
  5. Hi Davide. Sorry to post here but I'm a Php and OSC newnie and looks like a screwed up something with the installation of your contribuition. Again, I'm not sure that this is happening because of a bug in the CG DiscountSpecial contribution. Maybe it's just me messing with the sources. Here is my problem. On the shopping _cart.php page if I put more than 1 quantity for one product on the next page, checkout_shipping.php I can see that the shopping cart contains still only 1 item fro mthe product. If I go again to shopping_cart page, modify the quantity again and this time use the Update button the qty is updated. Look like a default qty parameter for the sopping cart contructor is set to '1', but I can't find it exactly. Thanks in advance for your help. Cristian
  6. Crisp

    Recover Cart Sales

    Aalst, now it's a little bit more clear. So you're working on the tool and Met00 is working on the report. Nice work BTW. First I've installed the report then I moved to the tool. But the report included with the tool had the same problems with the short tags that's why I've posted here. My mistake. Keep up the good work. In the meantime I will try to solve some issues that I still have with the tool. If I fail I will get back here to beg some help :-) Greetings
  7. Crisp

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi Aalst. What do you mean by wrong topic (forum) for the problem I had with 'call to undefined function' ? Anyway my problems were solved by changing the sort tags '<?' to normal tags '<?php' in both the TOOL and the REPORT files. Shouldn't this changes be included in the next version ? for people that don't have tags enabled. Greetings, Cristian
  8. Crisp

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi Guys. I've figured it out myself. The funcion was defined using short-tags and that's not working on my setup. I will check for other short-tags in the source. Cristian
  9. Crisp

    Recover Cart Sales

    Just as I finished installing the Unsold Carts Report (I've also managed to add the link in the report box in admin, which was not easy for an OSC+Php newbie), I decided to check the forum... Just to find out that there is this new Sale Tool wich includes the report. I will give it a try :-). Anyway, my question for the Report v 1.7 is : does anyone knows why I have the following error "Call to undefined function: seadate()" in stats_unsold_carts.php ? Am i missing something ? And also, to install the new tool do I need to remove the report first ? Greetings Cristian