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    XML UPS Installation Warning Message! HELP!

    the language files are missing.. you would need to upload and p[lace the language files in the above directory.. ie. catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping check if the file exists and try again.. Cheers, Hari
  2. I suppose the version is a separate productfield.. why not show both in the admin panel orders page... .i hope that helps.
  3. Oscommerce does not have a complete solution.. it is a framework.. you can plugin into it as you require... more details on what you mean by the complete solution might help...
  4. hari_shyam

    Current Auctions v2.1 (English)

    I am not sure if the issue is resolved.. but hope this helps someone... just change the configuration group id to something different.. i.ew from INSERT INTO `configuration_group` (`configuration_group_id`, `configuration_group_title`, `configuration_group_description`, `sort_order`, `visible`) VALUES (30, 'Current Auctions', 'Current Auction configuration', 30, 1); to INSERT INTO `configuration_group` (`configuration_group_id`, `configuration_group_title`, `configuration_group_description`, `sort_order`, `visible`) VALUES (111, 'Current Auctions', 'Current Auction configuration', 30, 1); you will have to similarly change the rest of the 30s. However make sure that you remove the entried which got in when you tried to run the rest of the entries (if any got in by chance). Regards, Hari
  5. hari_shyam

    Multi STores

    Or you could just change the pick up module for more methods ( each method could signify a location ).. that would be like the pick method plus locations shown as radio buttons. Let me know if you need help or if your requirement varies ( like some products only in some locations etc )
  6. hari_shyam

    Multi STores

    Hi I suppose you are looking for something like a list of locations in the shipping modules where from the user can pick up the item. Correct ? Regards, Hari
  7. Hi I just uploaded an small contribution for oscommerce. I think it is compatible with almost any version of Oscommerce. you can find it here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5708 Please feel free to install the same and let me know if you see any issues with it. I would be happy if you found a scope to make it better ;). I created this topic for the people to discuss on any such related issues. feel free to mail me if you see me off the surface of the earth :D. thanks for looking. Cheers, Hari Harishyam Services feenix_666@yahoo.com
  8. I am facing the following issues with the install of CCGV module. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4135 The Gift voucher transaction is not getting recorded at all.The gift voucher has the product model named as GIFT25 and GIFT50. I buy the voucher but it does not appear as a voucher. I have a categor named gift vouchers and under that are the above mentioned products. the tables are present and the insertion routines are working since I am able to do the following: a. I am able to setup an initial create account voucher. b. the admin is able to send a voucher to any person. c. any person can gift another person with a voucher. However, the voucher when redeemed doesnot appear on the confirmation page. but the amount gets updated. Any pointers on what might be going wrong ? Thanks in advance Hari
  9. hari_shyam

    Product extra fields -product list

    can you please send the details as to where it fails.. for me it works very fine.. !! Hari
  10. hari_shyam

    Product extra fields -product list

    sorry posted on the wrong forum :(.
  11. hari_shyam

    Show Price before discount ( How ? )

    you will need to ceatea order total module for this one. you create a new order total module and assign the sort order accordingly. once thats done you can play around it ;).. Let me know if you need any help Cheers Hari
  12. hari_shyam

    Individual Shipping / PWA

    hi sam. check for a function in the file shopping_cart.php in the includes/classes folder. The error is due to that.. osc engine is trying to calcualte the shipping cost using one of the modules. that module code has the function call. check the module install and check it you had done everything correctly. if you dont know which one, disable-enable each and try to trace out. Cheers Hari
  13. hari_shyam

    Errors in Admin > Payment Modules

    Hey seems like you forgot to put in the date.php language file.. it is not the issue with the payment module itself.. the issue is you missed the language file.. try to find the file.. or do one thing.. just put in a file can be blank as well in thename date.php in the folder includes/languages/english/modules/payment. Try it and let me know.. the error will dissappear atleast. Note that there will be prompt showing up liek QWEQW_SAFGA_SDFG these had to be defined in the language file in the above locatiom Let me know if that didnt work. Cheers Hari
  14. hari_shyam

    Discount Coupon Field Now Showing

    I suppose you introduced a td tag or closed the table tag before the items got displayed.. cant help mcuh without he code.. cheers Hari
  15. hari_shyam

    No order info in admin of os v 2.2

    Common problem with paypal .. if the person doesnot click the paypal page and return to the site then the order is not recorded.. perhaps the following contribution might help: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1168 Cheers Hari
  16. hari_shyam

    Order viewing problem

    Hey just created a contribution so that everybody benefits !! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5700 Cheers Hari
  17. hari_shyam

    Order viewing problem

    oops.. that was pretty much more clear.. could not expected more of that :).. just one more qn.. do you want the attributes as well to be shown ?? that might help as well.. cheers Hari
  18. hari_shyam

    Order viewing problem

    I suppose what you are trying to tell here is to view the product number or other details in the order page itself.. or do you want a line to the product page itself ?? Cheers Hari
  19. hari_shyam

    Flat rate plus per item

    I think I confuse people a bit.. anyways it is the item rate shipping you will need to install.. not the flat rate shipping one..
  20. hi.. is it ok if the page refreshes ? ie. similar to the filter in the index page you select a particular category and then a manufacturers dropdown appears.. you click on one of those then the page is refreshed.but the filter is applied.. similarly you could develop a module where in you have pictures associated with the attributes.. when the option is chosen cause the page to resubmit and change the image according to the option given. Not very sure how you want it to behave in case you have more than one attributes. ie. say color and size 2 attributes are present. then how will you map the iamges.. do you want to go for one for each combination of color and size ? Regards Hari PS: I am a developer and sort of see cases in all kinds of problems.. pardon me if I thought too much off it.
  21. hari_shyam

    Need help with Installing google checkout HELPPPP

    kwel ;).. thanks a lot.. Good Luck with your new shop. Cheers, Hari
  22. hari_shyam

    Admin Reports Count Reset

    all the defines are very fine just above the closing ?. of the language file. Hari
  23. hari_shyam


    Or the problem might be as well that when deleting code you accidentally closed a function in general.php file. the rest of the code thats outside the general.php will be ( i think ) treated as raw html.. but that appears in the beginning of the page before the error.. if no text appears then the above post should have solved the issue.. Cheers Hari
  24. hari_shyam

    Php 5 upgrade failure

    Hi Ken in the admin -> My store.. there is an option to keep Search engine safe URLs off ( or false dont remmeber exactly ).. once you change that i think the links will be proper again.. Cheers
  25. hari_shyam

    Module Admin: Cannot Enable Flat Rate Shipping

    dAgain.. do you see errors just above the blue module lines and bove the heading ? It might be cos the installer failed to install one of the modules and hence fails there.. the php output stops and the rest of the columns are not displayed.. check it up and let me know. cheers Hari