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  1. Ironhalo

    photo gallery for oscommerce

    Hi guys, i have installed this cool contribution and almost everything works. i installed v 1.3 which is the most recent one on the contributions part of the site. my problem is that the highslide stuff does not work. my images open on their own, not in the popup which is not what its supposed to do. i have tried some of the things that were suggested on page 13, and none of them seem to work. can anyone offer suggestions/help? my store is https://ironhalo.net/store//catalog/index.php i know the store is in a different folder than the contribution was written for, but nothing i have changed seems to work. look forward to suggestions. Cheers, Alan
  2. I've had this addon for over a year now and it works well, but there are a couple of oddities i would like to see if they can be cleared up to make it better. 1. customer exclusion - if i choose a group of customers to be allowed the coupon code, it works fine. but anyone who registers an account after i do this gets automatically added to the list of allowed people. now they probably will not know the code, but it makes it difficult if i am trying to track who has used their discount and who has not. 2. Multiple coupons. sometimes, due to the events we sponsor etc, someone gets more than one voucher. so they may get a $20 voucher and a $10 voucher. is there anyway that they can use both in one order? i know on someone elses store (not sure what platform) i was able to do this when i had two vouchers, but it does not seem to work on OSC. obviously percentage discounts are not going to be multiples, but fixed amounts would be good. at the moment they either have to do two orders, or email me to get them combined, which slows down the transaction time. 3. Discount useage report. the report does not always actually count what coupons have been used etc. any thoughts on this? anyway it all works very well, but if there is a way to tidy up those minor issues, it would be great. Cheers, Alan
  3. Ironhalo

    [Contribution] Complete Review System

    yep found the error, totally carbon based :) Thanks, AL
  4. Ironhalo

    [Contribution] Complete Review System

    hi ya, thanks for that, i got it to work. now i have another issue. i got the following error: Also on the reviews page it looks like the titles for Entry Name and Entry Language have no normal title. is there an language file change missing. i looked in the contribution but could not find it. Any thoughts? Cheers, AL
  5. Ironhalo

    [Contribution] Complete Review System

    Hi there, any thoughts on what caused this? it happens when i go to the reviews page in my admin view. as far as i know i have not changed anything in the split_page_results.php page in my configuration page the max search results is set to 200, does that have anything to do with it? i am using 1.5.3. Cheers, AL
  6. Ironhalo

    Batch Update Status Support

    any thoughts about this? i have installed, and no errors on teh store for that. but when i select orders to update and click the update button, it tells me that the order does not exist. any thoughts on what could be the issue or where to look? Cheers, AL
  7. Ironhalo


    quick question. are there any potential issues with having FCK availble on a form the client uses? i am thinking about the testimonials page, having FCK so they can put bold etc would be useful, but i don;t know if there are any issues from the store security point of view. any thoughts? So far FCK editor is working great for me on the admin side. Cheers, AL
  8. Ironhalo

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    thanks for that. i just did it all manually. Cheers, AL
  9. Ironhalo

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hey, just downloaded the new version that was released 27 June, installed it and got this error when i went to access it for the auto install. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '.', expecting '(' in /mnt/w0103/d43/s46/b01d5bdc/www/store/catalog/oe_autoinstaller/index.php on line 69 any thoughts? AL
  10. Ironhalo

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Thanks for the reply, i seem to be having a brain fart, i;ve tried all sorrts of things. i can;t get this absolute path thing to work. can you please give me some suggestions? the file is in http://www.ironhalo.net/store/catalog/incl...ert_key_pem.txt the store itself is in the catalog directory. when i look at the store via ftp program theres some odd text in the root folder name, such as /mnt/b01d5bdc/ but when i use that, i get some error telling me i need an xml file. and finally, is there an addon that allows people to pay in different currencies in paypal? rather than reverting back to USD? basically so we can recieve, USD, GBP, AUD etc. AL
  11. Ironhalo

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    apologies if this has been answered, i did not see it in the last 5 or so pages. i installed, 1.0.0, and then today have added in the new parts of 1.0.1. so i have fixed the error where it goes nowhere if i click on express. but it keeps givingme the following error and sending me back to the page i clicked from. Your Website Payments Pro API certificate could not be found. Please check the location in your administration section. now i have tried multiple ways of placing the code. -http://www.ironhalo.net/store/catalog/includes/paypal_wpp/cert/cert_key_pem.txt- -https://ironhalo.net.sslpowered.com/store//catalog/includes/paypal_wpp/cert/cert_key_pem.txt- -http://ironhalo.net/store/catalog/includes/paypal_wpp/cert/cert_key_pem.txt- now they all link to the file when i enter the address into a browser, but i can;t make the store find it. any suggestions? and also, is there an option for allowing multiple paypal currencies? being based in NZ, we deal with lots of different countries and it would be good to be able to let them pay pounds, AUD, Euro, USD etc. looking at the history of the addon, it looks like there was an option once, but i don;t want to try and add it if it cocks up the current addon. Cheers AL