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  1. PayPal_JohnF

    Paypal Standard checkout process

    No worries The next release of Express Checkout should contain both requests of PWA and PayPal Account Optional settings.
  2. PayPal_JohnF

    Paypal Standard checkout process

    These are both modifications that we are making to the Express Checkout module with V2.2 RC2. Purchase Without Account is on the osc repository site just awaiting release you can test it out in sandbox here demo.oscommerce.com/pm Redirecting to PayPal and give the option to pay with credit card or via PayPal account is called "Account Optional" and I am hoping we can get this in when the Purchase Without Account goes live. Watch this space. Thanks, John.
  3. PayPal_JohnF

    Cannot process payment with Paypal...

    WPP = Website Payments Pro (PayPal product that includes EC and DP) EC = Express Checkout (Redirects customers to PayPal to log into their account and pay via their PayPal account) DP = Direct Payments (Allows customers to pay on the merchants website with credit/debit card, customer stays on merchant website and PayPal process the transaction in the background)
  4. PayPal_JohnF

    Pay Pal Making Changes - Will These Effect our Modules?

    We are currently assessing the impact of these changes with the default module supplied with osc v2.2 RC2. Please bear with me and I will give an update shortly. Many thanks, John.
  5. PayPal_JohnF

    Just installed Payment Pro... not working

    OK if you use the PayPal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments module pre-integrated with V2.2 RC2 then you will need to go here http://addons.oscommerce.com/service/paypal to get the latest 1.1 release. Dont forget that you will have to use PayPal Express Checkout module in conjunction with the Direct Payments module. Direct Payments and Express Checkout make up the Website Payments Pro product. I hope this helps. Many thanks, John.
  6. PayPal_JohnF

    Type of Pay Pal account

    Correct! <_<
  7. PayPal_JohnF

    Just installed Payment Pro... not working

    Hi, Which module are you running and what version module and osc? Many thanks, John.
  8. PayPal_JohnF

    Type of Pay Pal account

    Hi, PayPal offer three types of account. 1. Personal - For users who shop online 2. Premier - For users that buy and sell online 3. Business - For Businesses! I hope this helps. Many thanks, John.
  9. PayPal_JohnF

    What module to use?

    here you go! http://svn.oscommerce.com/confluence/displ...yments+Standard
  10. PayPal_JohnF

    What module to use?

    Hi Scott, This post may be of interest to you...it describes the differences between Website Payments Standard and Express Checkout in terms of checkout steps and flows. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=299201 Thanks, John.
  11. PayPal_JohnF

    What module to use?

    If you want to accept credit cards directly on your website then you need Website Payments Pro which is a combination of the following two modules: - PayPal Website Payments Pro (US) Direct Payments PayPal Express Checkout If you already have credit card processing through another gateway then i would suggest PayPal Express Checkout module to capture the PayPal Account holders that may browse on your site. If you just want Website Payments standard where all transactions, be it with credit cards or PayPal account holders, are completed on the PayPal.com site then choose PayPal Website Payments Standard module. John.
  12. PayPal_JohnF

    What module to use?

    What Country is your business based in?
  13. PayPal_JohnF

    Free Monthly fees with Website Payments Pro

  14. Hi All, Just to let you know that all UK merchants are now able to sign up to Website Payments Pro UK and qualify for no monthly fees until the end of December 2008. (Promotion currently states October but will soon be changed). To find out more click here http://www.oscommerce.com/partners/corporate/info,paypal. John.
  15. PayPal_JohnF

    how to integrate paypal

    have a look here for some more info on the relevant fields. http://svn.oscommerce.com/confluence/displ...yments+Standard