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  1. I have the Canada post shipping module installed and configured.. however i ran into a problem with my host provider . it seems that this module requires that port 30000 have access to the sellonline server ( in order for it to function. My provider will not do this for me.. is there another way to do this with out moving my site . Nitehawk <_<
  2. Well after reading all the different ways of shipping i think i have settled on E-shipper to work with. I have down;loaded the files and was reading up on how to do the install. being NEW to this I will take my time / after reading what shimonp has written in the install instructions it now seems that i must download two other files ( ithink they were included with his package thoug not to sure) and install these as well even though by the sounds of it they are not funtional. these files are indicated in steps Pre-intall 1 & 2 then in step 1 copy files . I look for the path he has indicated and I don't see it in my site I find ...\admin\includes\classes and not \admin \classes .. well i guess I am asking for help on how to integrat. I have put my site onto a local drive and will attempt a "dry run" but if any one can give me some hints it would help lots' Thanks