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  1. csaxvik

    PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Love this mod. From today, we are getting sanity check failure in login. Is this because paypal has changed some server side call settings?
  2. csaxvik

    PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Noticed in last few weeks that more and more the paypal label is going to screen display without being saved. About 50% of the time it will save as it is supposed to, but rest of time the page will stop after payment and the label is displayed as sample on the screen as it would do if logged into paypal. Has anyone else had this issue?. Has paypal changed any settings or somehow changed code that would prevent the label from being saved?
  3. csaxvik

    PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    When the label is created is there a way to capture the tracking number into a variable?
  4. csaxvik

    PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Hi, wondering if you have updated with a tracking number capture feature for this. It would be great if the Canada Post tracking number can be pulled from the paypal site and pulled into $tracking_number like it is with your direct Canada Post label contribution. Perhaps this is not possible with the paypal system.
  5. Thank you so much. All good now. I could not the see the new FedEx methods in your code. Are you meaning the shipping method arrays located just under the user config section of the base ship_canadapost.php page?
  6. Hi, have there been any changes in the Canada Post fields in the past few days? After using without problem for many months I am getting the dreaded message below: Step 3. Error: Failed check in C:\websites\multipowertools.com\oscommerce-2.2rc2\catalog\admin\ship_canadapost.php at line 813. This most likely means that Canada Post has changed their user interface. You need to update your Canada Post Automatic Shipping Labels module.
  7. csaxvik

    Canada Post

    Yes, excellent one with automated labels see http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5445 then see forum for his updates
  8. Look in the Canada Post forum by Natrium. He has posted a fix as CP changed the login field names slightly
  9. I think the canadapost.com logins fields got updated last few days so that has messed it up for all of us. Yes, let's hope there is a lovely "someone" out there who can rescue us asap.
  10. csaxvik

    Canada Post Automatic Labels

    Has Canada POst changed the login code again? Anyone else having errors with the login code again from this weekend?
  11. I hope you will have time to post a fix for the new login. After using your label generator for so long I forgot how long it takes to do it manually.
  12. Have Canada Post Shipping module 4.0 up and running fine. I also installed automated labels. I get the auomated labels screen but when i click submit, nothing happens and also cannot customize value and weight. Has this happened to anyone?
  13. Can Anyone tell me why it might be that $display variable in discount_coupon.php will not pass to ot_discount_coupon.php? For some reason all discount is being calculated properly except no display of coupon code details.
  14. Installed Discount coupon module and it gives correct discount totals on checkout_confirmation page but it is not displaying coupon description or any descriptive text that it should be. Not critical but customer should be reminded that discount is given in the totals. checked code and made sure sort order of coupon module is right. Why is it not displaying?