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  1. And yet no one seems to show the slightest interest of modding EP for cube cart. email me anthony@mdanetworks.com i will pay good money for the person that can do it
  2. well i wasnt asking for it to contribute i was asking that the creators of EP would like to expand their script to another commerce and yes i know that cube cart is not open source but i own a licence to it hense i can do anything i like to it.... I am now offering $50 US Dollars to anyone that can modify EP to work with Cube Cart. i will pay via paypal but only once the work is completed. if you are interested my email is mda@mdanetwors.com
  3. hi there i am long time user of oscommerce but i have changed lanes to a new commerce site called cube cart i like the layout much better than oscommerce and it is easier to work with but saying that it does not have any way of adding multiple products and categories at one time. i am just wondering if the creator(s) of easy populate would like to look at making a version of easy populate for cube cart i am willing to offer the use of a cube cart installation and access to the cube cart folder via ftp. so if you are willing to expand your development please let me know so i can setup the relevent needs. my email is anthony@mdanetworks.com kind regards Anthony