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  1. Hi, can anyone help me with this error i keep getting? After installing the STS template i have modified the index.php.html file within my own templates folder, I added a product to test the page and for some reason the £ keeps displaying as a square, any ideas why and how i can fix this? I also have a error when the page is loaded up in a browser, When i ran a validation test i get the error "no starting tag found for "html" or closed too many times" any ideas where might be? I have checked my code and i have a opening <html> tag and a closing </html> tag. Any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks
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    Default script

    Iv sorted it now guys, thanks
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    Default script

    Hi, I am having some difficulties with the postioning of content on the $content part of my site. The index page is fine but after i select a catergory from the left nav, the catergories display aligned to the left and are decreased in width. I am sure theres a error in the default content part of the page but i am not sure where this code is located and in which script, does anyone know why this is happening? The rest of the pages are fine its jus the catergories part. any help will be great thanks
  4. Has any one got any ideas? I think i need to make adjustments to the table sizes in the default script but im not sure which is the default script, I am using the latest version of STS V4.5.8. thanks
  5. Hi, Im having some difficulties with my categories page. The body of my index page is fine but when i click a categorie from the left nav, the categories and the box that has new products decreases in width and align's to the left, Does anyone know where the problem could be? Do i have to modify the code where the default page content is? Where can i find this script? thanks
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    [Contribution] STS v4

    This is my file structure, i have created a folder called templates in sts_templates, i have configured this in admin. I have also got a folder called images in templates. All the images for the template are store in a folder called images within the templates directory. All images are jpeg. How can i change the background colour? i tried changing it in the stylesheet.css in the BODY section, i applied new rules and made a link to the background image i wanted to use but its still white and im not sure how to change it.
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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi guys i need your help, I have created a template in a new folder catalog/includes/sts_templates/templates i have used dreamweaver to create the template but non of my pictures that i have inserted into the template show up when the page is loaded into the browser. I have a navigation bar created in fireworks that i exported to dreamweaver as a html file, this navigation bar also has a javascript file for the pop up menu and a css file for the look of the navigation bar. I have called all of these in the code but when loaded into the browser they dont work. Any ideas whats wrong? Have i not understood how the sts template works? Can you insert pictures into it like a logo i want for every page? any help will be appreciated, thanks
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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi i am new to oscommerce and sts, i have been following the install instructions and installed oscommerce successfully but i cant get sts to install, i am using sts v4.5.8 and i have followed the instrauction provided. I copied over the files like the installation instructed and i also replaced the files the directories stated with the files in RC1, but when i go to install the module in admin the default index etc options are not present, its empty. Can anyone help me with this, where could i have gone wrong? any help will be appreaciated greatly, thanks