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  1. Hello hary_shyam Thansk for your answer. Now it is working! Greetings karin
  2. Hello Users I have a problem with the arabic language pack. I have always used "zencart" and i want to change to oscommcerce. With zencart i have a arabic language installed and she is working correctly. Now i have succesfully installed oscommcerce on my webspace and i was very happy to found it exist a arabic language pack too. I have install this , but unforunately it doen't work correctly. what means, i can't see the arabic letters correct, i can see only letters without sens. You can see at my homepage (look in my profil) The version of the language is the same of oscommcerce. All other language is working correct. Can you please help me? I want to change to oscommcerce but i need the arabic language too. Greetings from switzerland, i hope my english isn't to bad :-) Karin Yamina