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  1. Hi box25,

    Thanks osc3 CMS contribution, this is good idea!

    I got some problem in frontend, but the admin panel works fine. I made a forum about it here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/350097-osc3-simple-content-manager-forum

    I try to find the display problem later maybe the install.txt is missed.



  2. box25

    Alpha for Live Use

    I currently use the alpha release for a live site, and have been doing for some months, with no stability issues as yet. There are a few bugs in it, mainly on admin side, with the languages and templates sections, but other than that, no problems :thumbsup:
  3. If you were looking to alter the product tables, then it would require a rewrite of various class files on both the admin / catalog side, to alter all the queries relating to products. Including product listings, shopping cart, order routines, product editing, creation etc etc. I still think, creating a single page import scrtipt, that uploads your file / grabs your feed, converts the data to core sturcture, adn then inserts the product data would be an easier and better long term solution. Bearing in mind osc3 is still in development, and things may change, it would be easier top edit one file, than go back and rewrite all the core file changes again. Also remember if you wanted to add mods after the changes, as they become available, it would possibly also require a rewrite of some of their code.
  4. I think the easiest way to accomplish this would be to import the data into additional tables within the main osc database, then run a script to perform the conversion to osc format afterwards. Changing the stucture of the main database would lead to major core file changes.
  5. box25

    Lost Orders with eDPQ

    When the order is created in the database before dispatching to the payment terminal, the cart sets its value to 0 so it does not show up in admin, and you start processing it, before payment has been recieved. However with some payment providers, if the customer does not return to the shop after completing payment, then the database does not update the order to the correct status. There are a couple of contributions to sort this, one I think was holding orders :thumbsup:
  6. box25

    Lost Orders with eDPQ

    Sounds like it is not updating the orders status upon return. If you look in your database using phpymadmin, you should find the orders are there but with a status of 0 (zero). Just change the status, to 1, and they should appear in history and admin.