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    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi everyone! Order Editor is a great contribution, and much needed for my clients. There is however a problem that I have to solve. For certain payment methods (paypal, cash on delivery, etc.), a fee is added to the orders total. Lets say $10, to make it easy. Lets say the product is $20, and shipment is $5. When I first go to the Order Editor page to edit the order, the Total is, correctly, calculated to $35. In the list in the Orders Totals box I can see: Sub-Total: $20 Shipping: $5 Cash on delivery fee: $10 Total: $35 But when I press the update button, and the page reloads, the Total is calculated to $25. It doesnt include the Fee any longer. But it's still listed in the Orders Totals box, as this: Sub-Total: $20 Shipping: $5 Cash on delivery fee: $10 Total: $25 I have tried for days now to find out where this problem occurs, but in vain. If anyone knows anything at all, a clue, or something to point me in the right direction, please help me out! Sincerely Christoffer.