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  1. i use the method ingwa recommands. it works. Issue with links. ingwa 27 May 2008
  2. the osCsid is permanent , i try the configure many times that's my current settings. anything wrong? Enable SEO URLs? true Add cPath to product URLs? false Add category parent to begining of URLs? false Filter Short Words 2 Output W3C valid URLs (parameter string)? false Enable SEO cache to save queries? true Enable product cache? true Enable categories cache? true Enable manufacturers cache? true Enable articles cache? true Enable topics cache? true Enable information cache? true Enable automatic redirects? true Choose URL Rewrite Type Rewrite Enter special character conversions Remove all non-alphanumeric characters? false Reset SEO URLs Cache false Enable SEO URLs?
  3. my url always like this http://www.site.com/cartoons-c-3_13.html?o...c9acee032f87b2e what's wrong with it?
  4. i got a problem, maybe this is the ultimate seo urls' bug. when clicking buy now button. i is taking to the product's information page, not the shopping cart. it seems that the buy only works for new added products or edited products. for the old products before the addon install, it still is directed to the shopping cart. i now only this addon and Downloads Controller installed. Seach Engine Friendly URL V1.6 had the same problem, but be fixed now. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2796 so i think this is the ultimate seo urls' bug. can any one solve this?
  5. prettyswan

    how to deal with Wysiwyg Editor addon

    thanks, spooks. i figure it out in the end.
  6. i installed this addon, but nothing happen. does anyone know how to get it work? thanks
  7. prettyswan

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    guys, i have 1 problem. when the category's name is long, the box will become wide. it is ugly. can someone tell me how to solve it? thanks
  8. it is a blank page in a seperate brower.
  9. that's the codes that i use maxthon's viewpage to get from a frame of edittng page. <html><HEAD><TITLE>FCKeditor</TITLE> <META content="noindex, nofollow" name=robots> <META http-equiv=Content-Type content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> <META http-equiv=Cache-Control content=public> <script type=text/javascript> // Save a reference to the default domain. var FCK_ORIGINAL_DOMAIN; // Automatically detect the correct document.domain (#123). (function() { var d = FCK_ORIGINAL_DOMAIN = document.domain; while ( true ) { // Test if we can access a parent property. try { var test = window.parent.document.domain; break; } catch( e ) {} // Remove a domain part: www.mytest.example.com => mytest.example.com => example.com ... d = d.replace( /.*?(?:\.|$)/, '' ); if ( d.length == 0 ) break; // It was not able to detect the domain. try { document.domain = d; } catch (e) { break; } } })(); // Save a reference to the detected runtime domain. var FCK_RUNTIME_DOMAIN = document.domain; var FCK_IS_CUSTOM_DOMAIN = ( FCK_ORIGINAL_DOMAIN != FCK_RUNTIME_DOMAIN ); // Instead of loading scripts and CSSs using inline tags, all scripts are // loaded by code. In this way we can guarantee the correct processing order, // otherwise external scripts and inline scripts could be executed in an // unwanted order (IE). function LoadScript( url ) { document.write( '<scr' + 'ipt type="text/javascript" src="' + url + '"><\/scr' + 'ipt>' ); } // Main editor scripts. var sSuffix = ( /*@cc_on!@*/false ) ? 'ie' : 'gecko'; LoadScript( 'js/fckeditorcode_' + sSuffix + '.js' ); // Base configuration file. LoadScript( '../fckconfig.js' ); </SCRIPT> <script src="js/fckeditorcode_ie.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT> <script src="../fckconfig.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT> <script type=text/javascript> // Adobe AIR compatibility file. if ( FCKBrowserInfo.IsAIR ) LoadScript( 'js/fckadobeair.js' ); if ( FCKBrowserInfo.IsIE ) { // Remove IE mouse flickering. try { document.execCommand( 'BackgroundImageCache', false, true ); } catch (e) { // We have been reported about loading problems caused by the above // line. For safety, let's just ignore errors. } // Create the default cleanup object used by the editor. FCK.IECleanup = new FCKIECleanup( window ); FCK.IECleanup.AddItem( FCKTempBin, FCKTempBin.Reset ); FCK.IECleanup.AddItem( FCK, FCK_Cleanup ); } // The first function to be called on selection change must the the styles // change checker, because the result of its processing may be used by another // functions listening to the same event. FCK.Events.AttachEvent( 'OnSelectionChange', function() { FCKStyles.CheckSelectionChanges(); } ); // The config hidden field is processed immediately, because // CustomConfigurationsPath may be set in the page. FCKConfig.ProcessHiddenField(); // Load the custom configurations file (if defined). if ( FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath.length > 0 ) LoadScript( FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath ); </SCRIPT> <script type=text/javascript> // Load configurations defined at page level. FCKConfig_LoadPageConfig(); FCKConfig_PreProcess(); // CSS minified by http://iceyboard.no-ip.org/projects/css_compressor var FCK_InternalCSS = FCKTools.FixCssUrls( FCKConfig.FullBasePath + 'css/', 'html{min-height:100%}table.FCK__ShowTableBorders,table.FCK__ShowTableBorders td,table.FCK__ShowTableBorders th{border:#d3d3d3 1px solid}form{border:1px dotted #F00;padding:2px}.FCK__Flash{border:#a9a9a9 1px solid;background-position:center center;background-image:url(images/fck_flashlogo.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;width:80px;height:80px}.FCK__Anchor{border:1px dotted #00F;background-position:center center;background-image:url(images/fck_anchor.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;width:16px;height:15px;vertical-align:middle}.FCK__AnchorC{border:1px dotted #00F;background-position:1px center;background-image:url(images/fck_anchor.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;padding-left:18px}a[name]{border:1px dotted #00F;background-position:0 center;background-image:url(images/fck_anchor.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;padding-left:18px}.FCK__PageBreak{background-position:center center;background-image:url(images/fck_pagebreak.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;clear:both;display:block;float:none;width:100%;border-top:#999 1px dotted;border-bottom:#999 1px dotted;border-right:0;border-left:0;height:5px}.FCK__InputHidden{width:19px;height:18px;background-image:url(images/fck_hiddenfield.gif);background-repeat:no-repeat;vertical-align:text-bottom;background-position:center center}.FCK__ShowBlocks p,.FCK__ShowBlocks div,.FCK__ShowBlocks pre,.FCK__ShowBlocks address,.FCK__ShowBlocks blockquote,.FCK__ShowBlocks h1,.FCK__ShowBlocks h2,.FCK__ShowBlocks h3,.FCK__ShowBlocks h4,.FCK__ShowBlocks h5,.FCK__ShowBlocks h6{background-repeat:no-repeat;border:1px dotted gray;padding-top:8px;padding-left:8px}.FCK__ShowBlocks p{background-image:url(images/block_p.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks div{background-image:url(images/block_div.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks pre{background-image:url(images/block_pre.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks address{background-image:url(images/block_address.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks blockquote{background-image:url(images/block_blockquote.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks h1{background-image:url(images/block_h1.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks h2{background-image:url(images/block_h2.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks h3{background-image:url(images/block_h3.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks h4{background-image:url(images/block_h4.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks h5{background-image:url(images/block_h5.png)}.FCK__ShowBlocks h6{background-image:url(images/block_h6.png)}' ); var FCK_ShowTableBordersCSS = FCKTools.FixCssUrls( FCKConfig.FullBasePath + 'css/', 'table:not([border]),table:not([border]) > tr > td,table:not([border]) > tr > th,table:not([border]) > tbody > tr > td,table:not([border]) > tbody > tr > th,table:not([border]) > thead > tr > td,table:not([border]) > thead > tr > th,table:not([border]) > tfoot > tr > td,table:not([border]) > tfoot > tr > th,table[border=\"0\"],table[border=\"0\"] > tr > td,table[border=\"0\"] > tr > th,table[border=\"0\"] > tbody > tr > td,table[border=\"0\"] > tbody > tr > th,table[border=\"0\"] > thead > tr > td,table[border=\"0\"] > thead > tr > th,table[border=\"0\"] > tfoot > tr > td,table[border=\"0\"] > tfoot > tr > th{border:#d3d3d3 1px dotted}' ); // Popup the debug window if debug mode is set to true. It guarantees that the // first debug message will not be lost. if ( FCKConfig.Debug ) FCKDebug._GetWindow(); // Load the active skin CSS. document.write( FCKTools.GetStyleHtml( FCKConfig.SkinEditorCSS ) ); // Load the language file. FCKLanguageManager.Initialize(); LoadScript( 'lang/' + FCKLanguageManager.ActiveLanguage.Code + '.js' ); </SCRIPT> <LINK href="/pinewbjoy/fckeditor/editor/skins/silver/fck_editor.css" type=text/css rel=stylesheet> <script src="lang/zh-cn.js" type=text/javascript></SCRIPT> <script type=text/javascript> // Initialize the editing area context menu. FCK_ContextMenu_Init(); FCKPlugins.Load(); </SCRIPT> <script type=text/javascript> // Set the editor interface direction. window.document.dir = FCKLang.Dir; </SCRIPT> <script type=text/javascript> window.onload = function() { InitializeAPI(); if ( FCKBrowserInfo.IsIE ) FCK_PreloadImages(); else LoadToolbarSetup(); } function LoadToolbarSetup() { FCKeditorAPI._FunctionQueue.Add( LoadToolbar ); } function LoadToolbar() { var oToolbarSet = FCK.ToolbarSet = FCKToolbarSet_Create(); if ( oToolbarSet.IsLoaded ) StartEditor(); else { oToolbarSet.OnLoad = StartEditor; oToolbarSet.Load( FCKURLParams['Toolbar'] || 'Default' ); } } function StartEditor() { // Remove the onload listener. FCK.ToolbarSet.OnLoad = null; FCKeditorAPI._FunctionQueue.Remove( LoadToolbar ); FCK.Events.AttachEvent( 'OnStatusChange', WaitForActive ); // Start the editor. FCK.StartEditor(); } function WaitForActive( editorInstance, newStatus ) { if ( newStatus == FCK_STATUS_ACTIVE ) { if ( FCKBrowserInfo.IsGecko ) FCKTools.RunFunction( window.onresize ); _AttachFormSubmitToAPI(); FCK.SetStatus( FCK_STATUS_COMPLETE ); // Call the special "FCKeditor_OnComplete" function that should be present in // the HTML page where the editor is located. if ( typeof( window.parent.FCKeditor_OnComplete ) == 'function' ) window.parent.FCKeditor_OnComplete( FCK ); } } // Gecko browsers doesn't calculate well the IFRAME size so we must // recalculate it every time the window size changes. if ( FCKBrowserInfo.IsGecko && !FCKBrowserInfo.IsOpera ) { window.onresize = function( e ) { // Running in Chrome makes the window receive the event including subframes. // we care only about this window. Ticket #1642. // #2002: The originalTarget from the event can be the current document, the window, or the editing area. if ( e && e.originalTarget !== document && e.originalTarget !== window && (!e.originalTarget.ownerDocument || e.originalTarget.ownerDocument != document )) return; var oCell = document.getElementById( 'xEditingArea' ); var eInnerElement = oCell.firstChild; if ( eInnerElement ) { eInnerElement.style.height = '0px'; eInnerElement.style.height = ( oCell.scrollHeight - 2 ) + 'px'; } } } </SCRIPT> </HEAD> <BODY> <TABLE style="TABLE-LAYOUT: fixed; HEIGHT: 100%" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR id=xToolbarRow> <TD id=xToolbarSpace style="OVERFLOW: hidden"> <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR id=xCollapsed style="DISPLAY: none"> <TD class=TB_Expand id=xExpandHandle colSpan=3><IMG class=TB_ExpandImg height=4 alt="" src="images/spacer.gif" width=8></TD></TR> <TR id=xExpanded style="DISPLAY: none"> <TD class=TB_SideBorder id=xTBLeftBorder style="DISPLAY: none; WIDTH: 1px"></TD> <TD class=TB_Collapse id=xCollapseHandle style="DISPLAY: none" vAlign=bottom><IMG class=TB_CollapseImg height=4 alt="" src="images/spacer.gif" width=8></TD> <TD class=TB_ToolbarSet id=xToolbar></TD> <TD class=TB_SideBorder style="WIDTH: 1px"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR> <TR> <TD id=xEditingArea style="HEIGHT: 100%" vAlign=top></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></BODY></html>
  10. hi, Luca. i tried ie, maxthon, firefox. all the same, no luck. the demo in fckeditor.net is ok.
  11. what locally or on a server? i installed it at my site, i think it is in a server. i installed 30 addons now. i met many problems when installing and in the end i can solve them. i hope i can figure it out this time.
  12. i have the same problem. i check the installation guide carefully and still have no luck to get it work. i just skip 3. Create a directory named: userfiles in the root of your website and give 777 Permission. because it is created 1. upload the files+directories in your root: catalog/admin/fckeditor/ and catalog/userfiles/
  13. prettyswan

    Article Manager v1.0

    2nd problem plz look at the pic. all text in the center. but i want "All Articles" and "Current Articles" in the center and all others in the left of the page. how to do that? thanks
  14. prettyswan

    Article Manager v1.0

    i have 2 problems one is in the admin section. plz look at the pic. how to solve it?