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  1. Hey Guys,


    I'm looking for a coder to integrate Paypal Express Checkout on my site. I bought the One page checkout module from Dynamo effect and I just want to add the Paypal express Checkout option on that page and on product page. Right now I'm only offering credit card payment (from paypal pro) as payment option and want to add both payment options.


    Since the 2 modules are from the same author (dynamo effects) it should not be a big deal to integrate it. I don't have the skill and the time to do it but I sure some of you can do it pretty easily.


    Here's my site: www.kitefix.com/catalog to give you an idea


    Anyone intere$ted? you can contact me by email: info[at]kitefix[dot]com



  2. Hi all!


    I've got the commercial version of Dynamo effects One page checkout which I'm very happy with. I'm using paypal pro for credit card payment and Paypal standard. Because of that Paypal standard give me a bunch of non-paid orders (everytime a customer quit paypal without paying I receive an order in OSC..)


    So I would like to enable the Paypal Express Checkout modules on my one page checkout. When I enable it I'm redirected to paypal, sign in with my paypal account but Paypal is always redirecting me to my one page checkout...I sent a lot of email to Brian (from Dynamo effects) for helping me on that, he was agree to do the modification but for any reason he is not responding to my emails anymore.


    So, does someone here is using Dynamo one page checkout and Express checkout together? or any suggestions?




  3. Has Canada POst changed the login code again? Anyone else having errors with the login code again from this weekend?



    yep ! I got a problem in step 2..... Error: Failed check in /home/r.../catalog/admin/ship_canadapost.php at line 657. This most likely means that Canada Post has changed their user interface. You need to update your Canada Post Automatic Shipping Labels module.


    anyone got this problem?

  4. hello ! thanks for that great contrib.


    How do I edit the custom form? The "clear" and "customize shipment" options does not seams to work? I would like to edit the value in it.


    Here's a screenshot.




    Also, how do I avoid clear text tranmission of my cc infos.?


    thanks for your help!

    Francis Roy