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  1. Hello! I am using osCommerce 2.3.4. A visitor created an account but I cannot retrace at what time this happend. Is there a possibility to create a logfile for those actions? Greetings Andreas
  2. Yes. It was like that with the old oscommerce shop (Merchant v2.2 RC2a) and PayPal Website Payments Standard Version: 1.0 and now with Version: 3.1 of PayPal Standard. I am not shure what to fill in for the Redirect_URL at Paypal. At the moment it is checkout_success.php, yesterday with the payment is was checkout_process.php, I changed it now to checkout_success.php, not shure. The order is there, the customer notified about it. I'll also try the hint of Gergely with better Preparing Order Status. Will see, the payments with PayPal are rare at the time. Andreas
  3. Hello! I am using Version: 3.1 of PayPal Standard with oscommerce 2.3.4. When an order is made I don't get an extra email about that and only notice the order by the PayPal-announcement that a payment was made. Also the stock is not reduced. Is this a known problem? What can be done? Regards Andreas
  4. Would you tell us the name of price per product shipping module you are using? Andreas
  5. I would need something that calculates the price depending on the weight. I need this for a german price comparison provider. At the moment I have to download the products file and add another coloumn with the calculated prices and upload it again. That's a bit awkward to do. Regards Andreas
  6. Oh my god, I phrased my question completely wrong. I meant the shipping costs for a product need to be present in a coloumn. For example with ship up to 0.4 kg for 2.80 € and then up to 2.0 kg for 5,90 € and up to 12.0 kg for 7.- €. That means the feeder should read the weight of a product and then add the shippingcosts accordingly to the coloumn. Don't know how to do this. Andreas
  7. Hello! Is it possible with the feeder to read in the price for a certain product and present all the prices in one coloumn (for every product)? In german law this is a must. Regards Andreas
  8. Tell you what. My troubles installing the module came from the mod "Select Product Image Directory & Instant Update - Multilanguage" This evening I found the module "Install Select Product Image" (Select Product Image Directory 2.2.4) from Mafiouso previoulsy lildog. Installed it and it works flawless so far. I am very glad I have that thing running! It works great even with mutliple images in a subfolder! Good work, fine thing! Thank you all! Andreas
  9. Hello! I was trying to install the modul, but the docu mentiones a part of the categories.php in admin, that does not exist in mine. case 'new_product_preview': // copy image only if modified $products_image = new upload('products_image'); $products_image->set_destination(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES); if ($products_image->parse() && $products_image->save()) { $products_image_name = $products_image->filename; } else { $products_image_name = (isset($HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image']) ? $HTTP_POST_VARS['products_previous_image'] : ''); } break; It should be replaced by // section moved, instant update The part in my categories.php seems to be: $products_image = new upload('products_image'); $products_image->set_destination(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES); if ($products_image->parse() && $products_image->save()) { $sql_data_array['products_image'] = tep_db_prepare_input($products_image->filename); } I installed the categories.php nevertheless and the page appears and the input-filed is there to create a new folder, but the folder is not created and the image is uploaded to the default images directroy. Any help in this? Regards Andreas
  10. ok, thanks! Andreas
  11. Got a new field by duplicating and renaming the ISBN part. And sovled the problem with the Umlauts by opening the csv with the rigth coding ;) One thing that gives me some headache is the missing quoting-string " at the end of the last columntitle. I have to add it manually or the csv opens disturbed. Andreas
  12. Allright! I helped me out with this: $output = "Link\tTitel\tBeschreibung\tPreis\tBild_URL\tid\";In the old version I fiddled a new field EAN into the feeder. What is the best way to go to achive such a new field? And one more question. If there are german Umlauts in the products_description and the shop is utf-8, how do I get the googlefeeder to honour this? At the moment, the descriptions look like this: "HN-M320MBB (ST320LM001) verfÃŒgt ÃŒber das schnelle SATA-300-Interface" Fine thing, thank you! Andreas
  13. Hello! With the old shop googlefeeder.php worked fine. I installed version 3.14 with the new shop osCommerce 2.3.4 and can't get it to run anymore.First, the language is ignored. I set define('OPTIONS_ENABLED', 0); and define('DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_ID', 2); which I assume is german. German is the only language installed.define('DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_ID', $languages_id); does not show the german language. The produced output of php googlefeeder.php looks like this: "link", "title", "description", "price", "image_link", "id", "availability", "brand", "condition", "expiration_date", "identifier exists", "mpn", "product_type The last " seems to be missing and I was hoping to see german headings. Furthermore I get File Completed: your-outfile.csv </p>PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function ftp_connect() in /srv/www/htdocs/bshop/shopman/googlefeeder.php on line 613 I don't want to use ftp, how can I disable it? The styling in admin is complete defective, I attached two screenshots. Please give advice with the language! Regards Andreas
  14. Without changing anything the fonts of the databasecheck a much more bigger than the other fonts of the page. The relevant code of the stylesheet.php looks like this. /* .pageHeading { font-size: 1.5em; color: #727272; font-weight: bold; } */ .mypageHeading { font-size: 1.0em; color: #727272; font-weight: bold; } /* data table */ .dataTableHeadingRow { background-color: #C9C9C9; } .dataTableHeadingContent { color: #ffffff; font-weight: bold; } .dataTableRow { background-color: #F0F1F1; } .mydataTableRow { font-size: 2.0em; background-color: #F0F1F1; } .dataTableRowSelected { background-color: #DEE4E8; } .dataTableRowOver { background-color: #FFFFFF; cursor: pointer; cursor: hand; } .dataTableContent { color: #000000; } I then made some changes and set "my" at the beginning of a definition. That worked for some of them, not for all IIRC, until I was able to override them in the according languagefile. I'll make some more test when I find the time. Regards Andreas
  15. I just mean the general layout of the admin site. I played around a bit within the database_check.php and found there is heavy use of stylesheet.css. I don't rememeber exactly but difining some own tags in stylesheet.css and redifining them in the database_check.php hadno effect. I have attached two screenshots. Regards Andreas