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  1. Jonas Calhoun

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    I got it figured out...I was missing a ) in step #2: - Find near: if ($action == 'new_product') { Change from: 'manufacturers_id' => '' Change to: 'manufacturers_id' => '', 'products_ship_sep' => '' In the code there is a ); at the end of the line--when I cut and pasted the code, the ) got whacked, and I didn't see it in my bleary-eyed troubleshooting. If I were to make a suggestion it'd be that the installation instructions show entire lines to insert, not just the code snippets. Thanks, Dan
  2. Jonas Calhoun

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    I've only got this module and UPSXML installed. Everything is working fine for shipping, I get quotes and such just fine. However, now when I go into the admin page to add new products, the screen blanks and I get no errors. I see in the access log a 500 error (but nothing in the error log?). I'm guessing it's something to do with admin/categories.php. I've gone over the install several times, but to no avail. Anyone have any troubleshooting ideas? I haven't dealt with PHP in so long, I've forgotten more than I knew. Thanks, Dan