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  1. ozcsys

    Please look at this screenshot rwal quick!!

    Looks like you missed installing the language files/defintions. Anytime you see the caps like that you are missing the language definitions.
  2. ozcsys

    Remove a mod easy??

    Backup your database before the install ( you should be doing this anyway as you should never make changes to your database without backing it up first) then if the mod does not work just do a restore with the backed up database and you are back where you where before the install.
  3. ozcsys

    Easy installation of contributions

    A lot of contributions have that option if you are installing them on a clean install of osC but once your store has been modified any files included with the contribution will no longer match what you have so you have to make the changes manually.
  4. ozcsys

    PayPal Pro Techs

    Yes the default install of osC does not support paypal pro. There is a paypal pro contribution but I believe it is still a work in progress though you may want to check out the support thread to see how it is going.
  5. ozcsys

    HELP!! COOKIE USAGE is killing me!!!

    Amanada already posted how to find the setting for forcing cookies admin->sessions->force cookie use->false/true Set To False If you are on a shared sever you should set your sessions in the database, to do this find the last line of your configure.php file and set to mysql
  6. ozcsys

    License Confirmation Module?

    Look in the contributions for Must agree to terms ( or something similar) I remember seeing it when looking for something else.
  7. ozcsys


    The problem is caused by the customer not clicking on continue and coming back to your store for the order to finish processing. The best solution is to install the paypal ipn contribution and it will record the order before they leave your site and go to paypal. If you only accept paypal for one site they you can also set the customer to automatically come back to your order_process.php page.
  8. ozcsys

    Pay Pal

    Have you contacted them to find out for sure that this is the problem? If it is and your are losing money because of just having paypal then you really should think about getting a reqular merchant account. If you are having quite a few dropped carts then I would install recover cart sales if you have not already done so. There is an option in your paypal account to let you accept payments from non-paypal members. Forget where it is exactly but it should not be to hard to find...
  9. ozcsys

    "Item's Purchased" In Paypal Payment?

    Are the orders showing up in your admin?? If so look at them and then you know. If not then you have a different problem and installing the ipn module is a good fix and really is better than using the default paypal module anyway.
  10. ozcsys

    Please explain Paypal

    The customer does not need to have a paypal account to pay you with a cc. No paypal pro needed. I would however install the ipn contribution. You will also need to go to your paypal account and set your prefrences to allow payments by non-paypal members.
  11. ozcsys

    Paid Members Area?

    You may want to check out the contribution found HERE I have not used it myself but it sounds close to what you are wanting.
  12. ozcsys


    The paypal shopping cart ipn contribution will among other things send paypal that info along with the customer, the newer ipn module may do so as well and it is supposed to be an easier install so I would check that out as well
  13. I was having a problem with the authorize.net module and could not get it to work correctly on one site that did have curl compliled. I went ahead and installed the curl fix and it started working. I never was sure why it needed it but it has been working for months with out any trouble so you may want to install the fix and see if it helps even if it looks like you do not need it.
  14. ozcsys

    just starting with contributions

    One suggestion I would make is always find and read the support thread for a contribution before installing it. You can find out if it works, what problems there are with it, what instructions may be missing etc. There is not much worse than spending time installing a contribution and finding out it does not do what it is supposed to do. The second is BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You should always backup every file you are planning on making changes to or replacing and also your database if any sql changes are needed. Usually when doing anything that involves changing more than a couple of files I do a database backup in the osC admin and then just backup the whole site. If you are planning on making changes to a live store always test them first on a test site so if you hose something your are not in a panic because your store is down. When you are planning on making multlple changes or installing multiple contributions always test the complete site between them so that if something goes wrong( and it will) that you know exactly which contribution or change is the problem. You will see post where someone has installed 2 or 3 contributions and their site is broke and now they have no idea what the problem is ( and no backup and it is a live store) You feel bad for them but there is not much you can do, so do not let yourself be that person.
  15. ozcsys

    SSL and Autherize.net

    Basically ssl encrypts the data when it is traveling between the server and the customers computer so that their cc and personal info cannot be hijacked. Most cc processors including I thought authorize.net require this before you are allowed to accept cc payments so you might want to check on that. A lot of hosts have a shared certificate you can use but unless you are really strapped for cash I would get your own as they are not really that expensive. The reason I suggest this is that when using a shared certificate the url will change to something that has nothing to do with your company but is an extension of the server or hosting name. If you have your own certificate the url will stay your domain name only with the https: You can do a search for ssl certificates and find lots of them at reasonable prices. I would check with your hosting company and find out the exact process for having them installed and what if any additional cost are involved (installation, dedicated ip address etc. ) Many hosts can give you a complete package so that is something to look into also.
  16. ozcsys

    [Contribution]Paypal IPN - Devosc

    Have you checked out the support thread? If not that would be a good place to start.
  17. Any text that you add directly to the template will not change. Any content that uses your $tags should change just like it would without using sts. The best thing to do if you are using more than one language is to not add text or content directly to the template but via the osC files and the $tags.
  18. You should not need to do anything special for the sts template to call the stylesheet. I have used it on quite a few sites without any problems. The issue is not that the stylesheet is not being called but that there are font tags in the sts_template.html file and they are overriding the stylesheet. Remove the tags and you can make all the normal changes from the stylesheet just like a default install of osC. For example this is how the sts template looks after you install it. <tr class="headerNavigation"> <td><font size="1" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">$breadcrumbs</font></td> <td><div align="right"><font size="1" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">$myaccountlogoff | $cartcontents | $checkout</font></div></td> </tr> If you want to use the stylesheet just remove the font tags so it looks like <tr class="headerNavigation"> <td>$breadcrumbs</td> <td><div align="right">$myaccountlogoff | $cartcontents | $checkout</div></td> </tr> Now you can control your breadcrumb fonts using the style sheet. The best thing to do is remove all the font tags from the sts_template.html file and then you can make your changes normally in the stylesheet.
  19. ozcsys


    I do not think he meant the latest version of osC but the latest authorize.net module. Search for it in the contributions.
  20. ozcsys

    Unsuccessfull Connection with PayPal

    What was the problem and solution?? A never mind the problem is solved does not help the next guy with the same problem.
  21. ozcsys

    featured products

    The contribution does work so the problem is most likely caused by your install, though it could be the version you are using. The 1.5.2 from april works for sure as that is the one I have used. Have you checked the support thread to see if anyone else has had the same problem before?? If not that should be your next step as the solution may well be there and waiting for you. Anytime you have a problem with a specific contribution the first place you should check is the support thread for that particular contribution in the contribution support section of the forum.
  22. ozcsys


    In your osC admin go to modules-> shipping You might want to read through the knowledgebase. It does a good job of explaining the admin among other things.
  23. ozcsys


    If you want to have free shipping on everything you can just use one of your existing modules (table, per item etc) and set the shipping to zero. No real need to install a contribution.
  24. ozcsys

    sts simple template system

    Did you add the sts code to your configure.php file? If not you need to do so.
  25. ozcsys

    Header Tag Controller

    Click on view source while on your web page and you should see the tags if it is installed correctly. There should be fields to fill out when you go to add or edit your products. You also need to to your includes/languages/english/header_tags.php file and enter in your site info.