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  1. mamaship

    Quickbooks Merchant Service v1.0

    I need some help here, as it seems I may be over my head just a little. I am helping out my sister-in-law by adding online purchasing to her primarily brick-and-mortar store. Her site is hosted by GoDaddy and she already has in-store services with QBMS (two choices I wouldn't have made but thats where I am now) I installed oscommerce on her site pretty easily. At the moment it is up and running, but nothing links to it and I want to get everything just right before sending traffic there. I got PayPal to work as a payment method equally easily, and was able to install the qbms module equally as easily but am a little intimidated by the instructions found here: http://idnforums.intuit.com/messageview.as...p;threadid=7743 . I have access to the QBMS account, and also created an account on IDN. For step two I am to go to this site: http://appreg.intuit.com . It asks for the domain name (should I use www.my-store.com or www.my-store.com/commerce which is where the web store is located?), and App name. What do I put here (what is the app name)? Just looking ahead I see that I might have more trouble when I read the following lines: "First you need to create a key file. This is the file that is used to unlock your certificate once it is issued. openssl genrsa -out <KEYFILE NAME> 1024 example: openssl genrsa -out lawrencefreenet.org.key 1024" How do I create this key file? Is this line openssl genrsa -out <KEYFILE NAME> 1024 some kind of command I type into the command line of the server? If so what do I do if my host doesn't allow ssh? Can I generate this key file on a local machine? Your help is greatly appreciated.