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    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    We have a couple old sites in our network (that I'm now responsible for) that use OSC 2.2 MS2 and STS 1.2 - obviously pretty old. But so heavily modded that I don't really want to mess with them until we are ready to completely move them off of OSC into our new CMS system. I'm trying to do a couple things and am getting stuck due to STS. The main issue I'm having is that I'm trying to plug in an iframe into a few of the sts templates. I have the file that I'm framing hosted in the /catalog directory. It's a really basic .html file that consists of text and links. The problem I'm having is that the file that is showing up in the iframe is being wrapped in the sts template and I don't want that to happen. Is there a simple way to prevent specific files that are being iframed from having the sts template wrapper applied? I've done countless searches trying to find a way to do this with no luck.
  2. Okay... so does that mean I should post file code here in the forums? If so which files should I post the code for? Or should I PM you and get a quote on what you might charge to look through some files to help me figure out what SEO solution our sites are using? Or are you saying I should look elsewhere for help? If you could just give me some options to help me solve my problem so that I might be able to use this contribution I'd appreciate it. If you aren't interested in helping, maybe you can recommend an alternative for me?
  3. Yeah, I figured it would be tough. Can I send you any files to look through? You can PM me your contact info.
  4. I took over these shops and have worked with OSC in the past but am not sure how to identify which rewrite solution they're using. If I PM'd you the URLs of the shops could you take a look and offer your opinion on what they're using and what the best course of action would be? Thanks in advance.
  5. We have a few OSC sites running the Simple Template System and have some type of SEO friendly URL solution in place that I'd like to change out for this contribution. Would you be able to walk me through that change Jack? I can send you files to read the code to see how the site is structured. I'm also worried about hurting our SEO after a change like this, will we need 301 redirects in place to help prevent a drop in SEO once the URLs change?
  6. I turned off SSL in the osc config and it didn't change anything - except for the URL now pointing to HTTP instead of HTTPS. Looks like I'll have to focus on the server config blocking outbound connections. Must have been a security setting by the previous webmaster. Thanks for the replies Jim.
  7. I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I'm guessing since UPS requires https it might - this site appears to have an expired SSL cert. Would UPS fail to return errors or rates if there is no valid SSL cert for it? This site is hosted on an Amazon EC2 dedicated server.
  8. Wait, I cleared the files and saved them again and got this in the upsxml_error.og file: 2012-02-28 23:58:11 cURL Error [7]: couldn't connect to host 4297 2012-02-28 23:58:12 Rates : 4297 And this from the other log file: Error from cURL: Error [7]: couldn't connect to host UPS RESPONSE:
  9. I did that, but the log files aren't getting anything written to them. Actually, one of them is getting spaces written to it. Again, it seems UPS is not returning anything, not even error messages.
  10. No, the site is on its own server. I'm trying to find out from someone here at the office if there might be an SSL cert conflict. If the site doesn't have a valid ssl cert associated with it? Would that cause problems? I'm trying to install UPSXML now and and running into the same problem - rates aren't showing. For some reason the site simply will not communicate with UPS.com.
  11. Alright so here's where I'm at now... since I still cannot find a way to troubleshoot this problem I just tried installing UPS Choice, since it's the closest thing to what we're using on our other two sites. It has not fixed the problem. UPS is still not returning rates at checkout. Is UPS Choice still a viable module to use these days? Or has everyone moved on to UPS XML? I installed version 1.8.3 and uncommented the email address in the module file to receive emails with the UPS results, which are coming back blank. It's obviously not connecting to UPS. I made sure the store postal code is correct in the shipping configuration section and the products I'm testing have weights greater than zero. I've done everything I can to ensure that the site is configured correctly. I'm completely stuck at this point and have considered trying the XML module but it seems quite a bit more complicated to install. And I really don't want to be forced to run a different shipping module than we have running on our other two sites. I just don't know what the hell to do here, everything I search for comes up empty, and I can't get anyone to reply. Can someone please reply and give me some insight on what to try next? This has been a disaster so far.
  12. A quick update - we have 2 other sites that are using 2.2 mS2, all of our sites are using the basic ups.php v1.54 module for shipping. I've tried uploading a good working ups.php file from our other error-free installations and it didn't fix the issue on this site. I see most people are using the UPS XML module now though.
  13. I have an old 2.2 MS2 installation that I'm working on. The site had been redirecting the product pages to an external sister site for about 6 years so that the online purchase could be made on that site. As far as I've been told, before the redirect was implemented, online ordering for this installation was working fine. I'm now trying to strip out the redirects and allow online purchases through this site once again. I got to the point where I'm trying to submit a test order and have run into a shipping calculation error on the checkout_shipping.html page - I get this error message under the Shipping Method heading on the Delivery Information step of the process: "An error occured with the UPS shipping calculations. error" It's spitting out a UPS error, but no explanation of the error like I've found others getting with this type of error, and after hours of searching I haven't been able to find any information on a possible fix. This site only has the UPS shipping module installed. I've verified the settings match our sister site for the UPS module. What steps should I take to trouble shoot this? Remove the module and install again maybe?
  14. Darn, I guess there is no more support for this modification. Oh well.
  15. Anyone have any ideas on what might be causing some thumbs to show but not others? Could it be due to an older version running? How can I check for sure what version the client is running?