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  1. delphian

    Master Products - MS2

    For all who are interested, I have integrated this module with both Elari's customer status and the quantity price breaks and block enforcement. It is working great! The site has the ability to list all the master/slave relationships, including different prices and quantity break points and discounts for unlimited tiers (retail, wholesale, non profit, etc). thanks for the great work Johnson! It is very useful and easy to work into other mods... Thanks, Zac
  2. delphian

    Master Products - MS2

    Moreover, it would work as such: Master: Nurses Outfit Slave 1: Nurses Outfit in XXL Black Spandex Slave 2: Nurses Outfit in L White Spandex Slave 3: Nurses Outfit in XL White Spandex You might ask "Why not just use attributes?". My answer would be that in this case, it is possible that they don't carry an XXL White version, only XXL black... But a better thing to look at would be to check out my post here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=67277 You can see a live example, both nonOSC and OSC (using this mod) that really show how this is best used. -Zac
  3. Hi, I am using the Quantity Price Breaks Module (Version 1.1) but am having 1 issue with it. Basically, the quantity breaks work excellent and I have modified it to work with multiple tiers (wholesale, retail, etc.). Everything works fine except the quantity blocks are not being enforced. Here is the code where I think the issue is: In PriceFormatter.php, this code works correctly and returns the proper "adjusted" quantity according to the breaks: function adjustQty($qty) { // Force QTY_BLOCKS granularity $qb = $this->getQtyBlocks(); if ($qty < 1) $qty = 1; if ($qb >= 1) { if ($qty < $qb) $qty = $qb; if (($qty % $qb) != 0) $qty += ($qb - ($qty % $qb)); } return $qty; } However, when it is called by the shopping_cart.php class it does not work and returns nothing: function add_cart($products_id, $qty = '1', $attributes = '', $notify = true) { global $new_products_id_in_cart, $customer_id, $customer_status_for_discount; $pf = new PriceFormatter; $pf->loadProduct($products_id, $language_id, $customer_status_for_discount); // problem is here!! $qty = $pf->adjustQty($qty); // ?? $products_id = tep_get_uprid($products_id, $attributes); if ($notify == true) { $new_products_id_in_cart = $products_id; tep_session_register('new_products_id_in_cart'); } if ($this->in_cart($products_id)) { $this->update_quantity($products_id, $qty, $attributes); } else { if ($qty == '') $qty = '1'; // if no quantity is supplied, then add '1' to the customers basket When I echo out the $qty in the last bit of code, it gives me whatever was in the quantity box of the shopping cart form, not the updated qty from the adjustQty function. Any ideas? Thanks! Zac
  4. delphian

    shipping integration (UPS)

    Chris, This sounds truly AWESOME! I would like to know how you have done this and see your code if possible. This would be save us hours... Thanks, Zac
  5. delphian

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    Has anybody had luck in converting this to use % of the order total for the shipping charge? Thanks!! Zac
  6. Hi, I have done many implementations of the ADC Authorize.net module for authorization and settlement of cards in realtime. However, I have a new problem that I can't seem to find that answer to. I would like to 1) Authorize in realtime using Authorize.net, but not enact capture 2) Save the card number to the database (as with the regular credit card module 3) Use an export tool I have built to import the orders into Mail Order Manager and run all the cards when we ship them. Has anybody done something like this or have any good ideas? I know that we can probably figure out the Authorize.net to do authorization only (using the method call), but the other stuff is a bit more complex. Thanks, Zac
  7. delphian

    QuickBooks Contrib

    Hi! I have been working with the Quickbooks IIF module - so far so good! I have a question, however, regarding investory between OSC and Quickbooks 2002. We use Inventory Items in Quickbooks as well as Sub-Items. This works as follows: Inventory Item: T-Shirt Inventory Sub: T-Shirt: Green Inventory Sub: T-Shirt: Blue etc. Then, in OSC, we use attributes in the same fashion. Is there a way to correctly import this information so that we can keep track of the correct inventory in Quickbooks? Thanks!!!! Zac
  8. delphian

    Customers Status V3.x

    Elari, Of course no price shown - I forgot to give you a login that is part of the wholesale category! I am so sorry! I am using osC MS1 with some modifications and your latest (3.x) CS. I have used the beyond compare tool to nearly match the shopping_cart.php class files and can't get it to work! I will PM you a username/pass. Thanks!!! Zac
  9. delphian

    Customers Status V3.x

    Elari, thank you for your help, I have fixed nearly all bugs that I was having. I have 1 final bug that I cannot seem to crack. When I add a discounted product to the shopping cart, the subtotal for that line item shows up in the regular (non discounted) price. I have check thoroughly through the shopping_cart.php classes file, but cannot see where I am going right. If I uncomment the line (which occurs in the get_products() function): // $products_price = $products['products_price']*(100-$max_product_discount)/100; Then I get the shopping cart to show everything correc, but the checkout_confirmation applies the discount twice. Any ideas? Testing site is located at: http://www.biosonics.com/catalog2/ Thanks! Zac
  10. delphian

    Customers Status V3.x

    Hi, I have installed the customer status 3.x version. It looks good and I can navigate through the admin pages. However, I cannot create my status definitions, as the form doesn't submit any of my fields to the database. The only way I can do this is by manually adding the fields to the database. I have gone through the install 2-3 times but can't seem to see what I am missing. The variables are carrying through to the form, but things seem to messed up after that. Any ideas? Zac
  11. Hi, I have made an order export utility for OSC. It is based on osc MS1. I based the script off of the backup script, so much of the functionality is the same. It can save the files to an export directory (../admin/export) in .gz or .txt format and also prompt it to be downloaded. I have also added an option where you can update the status of all orders while you export and email all of the customers. This script is mainly for use with fulfillment centers and is no where near the quality to release as a contribution, as too many things are hard-coded and the export format is that of the Mail Order Manager (MOM) format. Sooo...if anybody has any ideas on how we can make this more modular for other people's formats (i.e. a file/xml to define your export schema requirements, etc.) and to accomodate for other languages and orders statuses, I would really love to share. I feel this is one of the weaker points of the osc system and could use some good 'ole community development. PM and I'll email over the files... Zac
  12. Hi! I am interested in setting up the quickbooks IIF creation mod so that we can import sales data into Quickbooks. How does this mod handle attributes of products? Usually, in Quickbooks, we have every products as its own ID, even for those with attributes (i.e. blue t-shirt medium is a different id from red t-shirt medium). But OSC handles these products as a single product id that has an attribute id. How will this work when importing into Quickbooks? Thanks!!! Zac
  13. delphian

    [Contribution] Family Products v 1.0

    I have posted my changes, as requested. Thanks! Zac http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,895
  14. delphian

    [Contribution] Family Products v 1.0

    Thanks for the great contribution! I have been working on a module like this, but for related articles, etc. to a certain product/products. I have integrated it by using the "specials" module as a starting point. I will be releasing it soon, after I iron out some bugs. Anyways, I got some ideas from that and some from this module, and changed the output of the family_products module to do a few things: -Output related products in bullets (like Amazon does it) -Use the admin for config of Max # of products to display and to turn on/off the module -If there are no related, it doesn't show at all If you would like me to release the code, just let me know or email me. Thanks, Zac p.s. here is a screen shot: