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    TomB01 got a reaction from diannecl in [Development] USPS Shipping Module   
    Feature suggestions are kind of trivial compared to your primary goal. :)
    However, since you asked - it would sure be a neat trick if you could associate different shipping methods with specific products in your catalog. I have things that when sold internationally, simply have to be insured because of the $$ involved. However, Priority Mail is the minimum service that USPS allows for insurance on international shipping (in some cases, that's not even enough - it has to be Express). I kind of draw the line at about $150 - less than that, and 1st Class International without insurance is something I'm willing to accept. More than that and I'm not. I put "Priority Mail Shipping Required" in my catalog listings for those things more than $150, but that's not good enough. Some people select 1st Class anyway (because I want to offer that for lower-priced items). Then I have to contact them, explain my policies, etc., etc. and revise the invoice and ask them for an additional payment. It's a real hassle and would be easily solved if one could associate specific shipping options with a specific product.
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    TomB01 got a reaction from dr_lucas in FedEx - Web Services v9   
    This is another one where the module/code makes me feel pretty stupid.  This is entirely setup in the admin-configuration for the FedEx module.  "International Ground" apparently means FedEx Ground if you are in an international country (Canada).  For some reason, I thought "International Ground" would work for a Canadian address.  Disable it, and the domestic rate option of "FedEx Ground" disappears from the checkout.  "FedEx Ground" does not actually show up for any addresses, including Canada.  The only ground service that shows up is "Ground Home Delivery" for US addresses (if your store is in the US and you enable "Ground").
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    TomB01 got a reaction from Bob Terveuren in Support for Stripe.com?   
    Got my first credit card sale and shipped it, so I consider this a success. :)
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    TomB01 got a reaction from bkpie in [Contribution] - USPS Methods   
    Yep - worse than before. I'll take some time today and see if I can install 5.2.2 from scratch and go from there. Hopefully, it will resolve the database, too - because now I've got semi-duplicate fields for many of the same services/options under USPS.
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    TomB01 got a reaction from videod in [Contribution] - USPS Methods   
    Received today in my e-mail:
    Have any of you experts looked at this? Think it will break things?
    EDIT: Tried to clean up the formatting; their bullet list didn't copy-paste well ...
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    TomB01 got a reaction from maxtors in Is USPS shipping module down   
    OK, this was tough to figure out - what you meant for "find" and what was actually changed/added. I went through it and think I got it all. International shipping now partially works - I can't get First Class International, though.
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    TomB01 reacted to heartbroke in Is USPS shipping module down   
    Right now my customers get this error msg when they checkout:
    "An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.
    If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner."
    It was working yesterday.