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  1. TomB01

    Updated Stripe payment module

    OK - at least with my hosting service (HostGator), it seems all I had to do was upgrade to PHP 5.4. That fixed everything.
  2. TomB01

    Stripe Upgrade to TLS 1.2

    OK - it's all fixed and I even went back to the original UPSXML v1.61 file. It seems that all I had to do was upgrade my PHP to 5.4 on my server.
  3. TomB01

    Stripe Upgrade to TLS 1.2

    I'm sorry, but the very reason I mentioned the UPSXML is because adding the curl statement you suggest worked for the UPSXML issue. I referenced "curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 6);" in my original post that created this thread. (UPSXML used $ch instead of $curl.) Trying that statement in stripe.php however, did not work. Why would it work for UPSXML, but not stripe? Note that in UPSXML I also had to specify $this->use_exec = '1'; but this statement doesn't exist in stripe.php. I just tried it again using "curl_setopt($curl, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 6);" It failed. My hosting service is HostGator. I have spent hours with them before on the TLS issue regarding UPSXML and it took this forum to finally come up with a solution. I'm hoping that you will find what's wrong here.
  4. TomB01

    Updated Stripe payment module

    Maybe I should've posted my issue here. Stripe is telling me that unless I start using TLS later than 1.0, my store's requests will not go through as of June 13, 2018. I am using the Harald Ponce de Leon module v.1.1. Experience with a similar issue for UPS XML shipping tells me the issue is in the stripe.php file. That's how we were able to upgrade the calls to TLS 1.2 with the UPS shipping module (upsxml.php). I can't find similar code in the stripe.php file, however. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the curl calls, but like you said, it's way above my pay grade.
  5. TomB01

    Stripe Upgrade to TLS 1.2

    I've been using the Stripe.js 1.1 payment module since I loaded OScommerce 2.3.4 several years ago. It's worked without a hitch since then. However, I received an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from Stripe. It said my OScommerce store has been making Stripe requests using TLS 1.0. Further, Stripe says they will disable all requests using TLS 1.0 as of June 13, 2018. My ham-handed effort at testing the stripe.php file and using the Stripe test API keys, also results in this: This is identical to a problem I discovered recently with my UPS XML 1.6.1 shipping module. We solved that and it works great - link here: Since my UPS shipping now works, that means my hosting service has all the proper tools to use the later TLS 1.2. However, I cannot find similar code in the stripe.php. I found the section using curl, and tried to add this line that we added in the UPS module: curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSLVERSION, 6); That failed. Anyone know how I can make my Stripe module use TLS higher than 1.0?
  6. Yeah, I forgot the new URL was imbedded in the middle of that description up there. That's what probably broke it in the first place, but I had installed the new version of UPSXML in the interim and then developed the security issue.
  7. That error happened spontaneously. I only discovered it recently when using a test account to my store. (My store has operated for many years.) I had just experienced a recent change with USPS that broke my 1st Class Shipping (1st Class Parcel to 1st Class Package - Retail). In fixing that, I noticed that the UPS Shipping was broken, too - with that error message. My first reaction was to upgrade to the latest UPS XML as mentioned in the first post up there. That didn't fix it and resulted in the numerous posts above, until Valeriy's post up there fixed it - changing the "0" to "1" in the code of upsxml.php. That line that Valeriy references is somewhere in the middle of that file, but fairly easy to locate: $this->use_exec = '0'; The latest UPSXML contrib has the "0" as default. Anyway, changing that "0" to "1" fixed it for me. Numerous trouble chats with both UPS and my HostGator services accomplished nothing.
  8. I'll be danged - that worked! Many thanks, Valeriy! It's unbelievable how much difference it made changing a '0' to '1' on that line.
  9. There is something else going on. HostGator has proven to me that TLS 1.2 is working on my server. Yet, UPS still gives that as the reason for the cURL error 35. Ideas, anyone?
  10. HostGator says there's nothing wrong with their web services (cURL version) or my site and that the issue is with UPS. I've sent another e-mail to UPS.
  11. Still doesn't work. I even tried removing and re-installing the module. I also tried both "onlinetools.ups.com" and "www.onlinetools.com." However, the logging file error message has changed with "onlinetools.ups.com" - it now says, The e-mail from UPS had a reference to TLS V1.2. I found a reference here from Harald Ponce de Leon that said cURL implemented TLS V1.2 with cURL V7.34. My server info from the OSCommerce Admin says the cURL is V7.24. I've contacted my hosting service.
  12. OK - thanks. I will give it a shot and report back.
  13. OK, so does that mean if I go in and change all references for "www.ups.com" to "onlinetools.ups.com" it will work? The e-mail from UPS stated, "www.onlinetools.com"
  14. I've been getting the infamous "This module supports only xpci version 1.0001 of the UPS Rates Interface." error message lately. I'm running 2.3.4 and had UPSXML 1.4.0 installed, so updated to 1.6.1. That didn't fix it. After some searching on the Internet, all I found were some very dated references stating that the UPS servers had gone offline. Their problems seemed to get fixed on their own, apparently when the UPS servers went back up. Mine seemed to be lasting longer than any sort of server issue, so I created the logging file as specified in UPSXML. This is what I get as a response from UPS in the log file: So, I filed a trouble request at UPS. This is their response: Is UPSXML dead? Is there another module I can use? Luckily, I have USPS and FedEx working just fine, but I had the option for UPS if a customer chose to use it - but not anymore. Help?