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  1. Should your total not add up in







    Just a thought that shipping technically shouldn't be taxed


    On your first pic shipping row the tax section is completely blank, where as on the second it is marked as -----


    Mine are always marked up as ----




    If the goods supplied are liable for VAT, then ANY postage or delivery charge is liable for VAT at the same rate


    but its not that , otherwise they, even though vat isn't shown for shipping, its intermittant

  2. oh....and is it the OSC confirmation email......or Protx?









    i thought i had fixed it - but hadn't


    ok this is what im getting


    2 identical orders going through


    one at 9pm

    one at 4pm


    here are the screenshots






    as you can see from the top one, the amount clearly shows £47.90 (which is correct)

    but - there is no tax


    but the lower one, has the tax recorded.


    my setup for order total is


    1) subtotal

    2) shipping

    3) total

    4) tax


    but it can't be anything to do with that, because sometimes it works


    Any clues


    Verrrry Odd !!

  3. here is a strange error

    protx form, works fine, however i have noticed a weird bug


    when i look at the transaction details in VSP admin (example)


    it gives the amount as £67.90 (which is correct)


    then further down in the shopping basket bit it shows


    Basket Contents ( 3 line(s) of detail)


    Items Quantity Item value ItemTax ItemTotal Line Total

    Kitchen Caddy 1 4.2128 0.74 4.95 4.95

    Ecowor 1 80.7659 14.13 94.90 94.90

    Shipping 1 7.95 ---- 7.95 7.95


    for some reason it is doubleing (or making up) a figure in the basket.


    it is still charging the correct amount from the customer, the order is correct in oscommerce.

    but the basket contents are totally wrong.


    Has anyone come accross this before, or know how to fix ?




  4. Latest Contribution http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,441


    takes care of these URL changes including 2 extra things added with the VendorTxCode.

    1. 24 Hr time reference

    2. Store Name added to the VendorTxCode incase unique identifiers are doubled.


    Does not however change the PREAUTH section of the code as of yet....I'll leave that update for the people that use it and can test it.







    thanks mike - knew you'd come up with the update :)

  5. These URLs all begin with https://ukvps.protx.com


    Submission URLs

    Old URL New URL

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorRegisterTx /vspgateway/service/vspserver-register.vsp



    /vpsDirectAuth/PaymentGateway3D.asp /vspgateway/service/vspdirect-register.vsp

    /vpsDirectAuth/CallBack3D.asp /vspgateway/service/direct3dcallback.vsp



    /VSPAdmin/submit.asp /vspgateway/service/vspform-register.vsp


    Sever and Direct Additional Transaction Type URLs

    Old URL New URL

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorReleaseTx /vspgateway/service/release.vsp

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorAbortTx /vspgateway/service/abort.vsp

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorRefundTx /vspgateway/service/refund.vsp

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorRepeatTx /vspgateway/service/repeat.vsp

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorVoidTx /vspgateway/service/void.vsp

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorManualTx /vspgateway/service/manualpayment.vsp

    /vps200/dotransaction.dll?service=VendorDirectRefundTx /vspgateway/service/directrefund.vsp

    New Authorise URL, not in old system /vspgateway/service/authorise.vsp

    New Cancel URL, not in old system /vspgateway/service/cancel.vsp



    this is the 1st time ive seen this

    was it emailed ??


    so the form at the moment shows


    $this->form_action_url = 'https://ukvps.protx.com/vps2form/submit.asp';

    what should it be ??



  6. Me too. The following works for me right now on the LIVE server:


    tep_draw_hidden_field('Crypt', $crypt);



    $crypt = $_REQUEST['crypt'];


    and on the TEST server:


    tep_draw_hidden_field('crypt', $crypt);



    $crypt = $_REQUEST['crypt'];


    Is yours the same?








    let me update

    the 'C' problem was on the test server only, what was happening was that the orders were going through, but instead of redirecting the customers to the payment success page, they were going to the index page.

    on the live server - you needed a small c


    I beleive from the post above the 'C' problem has been reverted back to a little c, so all this should be back to normal


    remember its only on the TEST server that the problems ere happening

  7. I have a fix !!


    apparently - a C has been changed at Protxs end - making crypt - become Crypt


    to make changes on the latest protx contribution




    simply change


    line 230 tep_draw_hidden_field('crypt', $crypt);


    to tep_draw_hidden_field('Crypt', $crypt);




    and line 239 $crypt = $_REQUEST['crypt'];


    to $crypt = $_REQUEST['Crypt'];



    and this makes it work

  8. I'd have stated that your site is also an important factor, ie, any modification you may have made to your site.

    Reason why I said v1.09 was the most reliable is because that's the only version I use all the time and everytime, and it always works on a number of osc sites, except that it has an issue with gift voucher purchase (missing delivery address error on protx server but that's not entirely its fault and that can be easily fixed.




    this is why i installed 1.09 on a clean os commerce

    and it still redirects rong - back - index.php - i dont get any errors showing

  9. this has to be a protx problem


    i have just reinstalled mike jackson's v1.09 released on 21/10/2005

    and the same problem happens, the system goes, payment .... connecting to bank....

    straight to /shop/index.php


    i have also put it on a fresh install

    and it still doesnt work]


    protx have been emailed, but have replied that its oscommerce problem not theirs

    im rapidly losing faith

    no phone support is totally rubbish

  10. aaahha

    so its not just me then


    i have noticed that the 2 urls are the same, and have even changed them to

    filename_checkout_success, which works, but it doesnt update the cart, or put an order in admin


    I have gone back a few years on the module, and the urls are the same,


    I thought it was because i was running fast easy checkout, but all other modules work fine



    the problem i have


    in test mode

    enter the credit card details, it connect to the test bank, and then redirects me to shop/index.php

    and my cart still shows my order.

    also the order isn't in admin.

    it isn't a problem with the site, as i use paypal, netbanx, nochex, fax all without problems


    definatly something with the sessions i think.... but what ????



    forgot to add, i get the confirmation emails from protx

  11. Hi

    Please can someone help

    I am using protx form, in test mode, when i have made a test payment, and it is sucessful, i get taken back to the shop index page, instead of checkout_sucess


    also the cart doesnt update itself, i still have a cart, and the order isnt showing in admin


    anyone, this is driving me bonkers

  12. hi matt

    i have done this.... but now when i try to gey past that stage all that shows is this


    You did not enter a redeem code. ... and i cannot get any further. even when a code is redeemed, it takes it off but still wont go further




    going back to a post mAde in 2005 (!)


    in checkout_confirmation.php


    you need to change the code to this


    //fast easy checkout start

    foreach ($_SESSION as $key => $val) {

    //print $key.' => '.$val.' - ';print_r($val);echo "<br>";

    $HTTP_POST_VARS[$key] = $val;



    // first two lines are for ccgv




    // following 2 lines added by Ed to sort CCGV problem












    //fast easy checkout end

  13. I feel your pain. If you uncomment the line:


    // echo $order_total_modules->credit_selection();//rmh M-S_ccgv


    the coupon box shows up as expected, and works in firefox, but in IE you get the javascript error:


    Error: 'document.checkout_payment.payment.0' is null or not an object


    I've been looking at this for 3+ days now and haven't got anywhere!


    Anybody else want to chime in?




    hi matt

    i have done this.... but now when i try to gey past that stage all that shows is this


    You did not enter a redeem code. ... and i cannot get any further. even when a code is redeemed, it takes it off but still wont go further

  14. I have a really annoying error to do with the comments.


    When html invoices is set to off, I get the email from my shop with what the order is, and any comments made.


    However.... when I turn the html invoices to on... I get the fancy invoice, and the order as normal, but the comments left is missing.


    The comments section is very important, as it tells me when the customer wants the goods shipped, without having to log into nmy account.


    Can anyone tell me how to fix this, so that the comments show in box_invoice.php


    Thanks in advance !!

  15. Hi

    Can any one help.

    I have always received an order from my oscommerce site (by adding extra my email to the extra orders to section under store configuration)


    Yesterday I installed the fancier packaging slip contribution, and since then, I havn't received any notifications.


    Please can anyone tell me, if there is a mod that emails the orders to admin, or the script that sends the extra email out




  16. Hi

    this question has been asked before but no answer....


    when using Purchase Without Account the following code has been added to order_info_check.php


     <!-- //rmh referral start -->
      <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td>
      <td class="main"><b><?php echo CATEGORY_SOURCE; ?></b></td>
      <td><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2" class="infoBox">
    	<tr class="infoBoxContents">
    	  <td><table border="0" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="2">
    		  <td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_SOURCE; ?></td>
    		  <td class="main"><?php echo tep_get_source_list('source', (DISPLAY_REFERRAL_OTHER == 'true' ? true : false)) . ' ' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_SOURCE_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_SOURCE_TEXT . '</span>': ''); 
    if ($entry_source_error) {
      echo '  ' . ENTRY_SOURCE_ERROR;
    if (DISPLAY_REFERRAL_OTHER == 'true') {
    		  <td class="main"><?php echo ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER; ?></td>
    		  <td class="main"><?php echo tep_draw_input_field('source_other') . ' ' . (tep_not_null(ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER_TEXT) ? '<span class="inputRequirement">' . ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER_TEXT . '</span>': ''); 
    if ($entry_source_other_error) {
      echo '  ' . ENTRY_SOURCE_OTHER_ERROR;
    <!-- //rmh referral end -->


    displays perfectly, but it doesnt enter the information into the database


    If you look at the code above, it doesnt shown any database details

    how can i get the referrer to be entered into the database like it does with account creation





    BUMP - Anyone Please