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  1. hardcore_shad

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Thanks for the details Hector! Keep it up mate! Will incorporate the changes this week, when I am back. One more bug I've noticed is that the date filters do not work. If I choose to show products sold from a certain period, the data still comes up in total. - I have taken out the supplier's capabilities to add / delete any of their products. Since we work with downloadables, it is best that we do this for our suppliers as they can easily upload "anything" into the system. Hence, our suppliers only being able to check the data of their product's purchases.
  2. hardcore_shad

    Force only one currency for the sale to be paid

    Anyone please... What file do I insert this code into? - To show the default currency on the confirmation, billing, and final payment Thank you.
  3. hardcore_shad

    Supplier Admin Area Contribution

    Hi Guys! Has anyone made progress to count this as a stable release yet? Really nice contrib! Is there a way to just allow suppliers to view their sold products, but not add/ modify / see anything else? Also, could the statisctics be better? - The month shows data for that month only and not a summary of other details from previous months? Thanks.
  4. hardcore_shad

    Virtual Mall 2.2.1 Release Support Thread

    Favius, This might be of interest to you... The Virtual Mall contrib does not allow multiple stores to be displayed independently of each other. This is more of 1 store, all products, having all suppliers commune in one main shopping cart. Then each store owner is notified if 1 or more of their products is included in the sale, so that they can make the necessary preparations for the particular order notice. BRILLIANT!!! However, there is just one thing I needed to ask about this VM contrib... Is it set to email "all" the product details to the store owners? For example - - I get product A from Supplier A (Store owner A) - I get product B from Supplier B (Store owner B) - I get product C from Supplier C (Store owner C) Then the confirmation email sends notice to the following - - The MAIN STORE owner - Supplier A (Store owner A) - Supplier B (Store owner B) - Supplier C (Store owner C) * But all emails sent contain information about ALL products bought Is there a way to notify Supplier A (Store owner B) of only hist product details, and Supplier B (Store owner B) of his product details, etc.? * So the invoice email of Supplier A (Store owner A) will only contain Product A (and no longer include the details from Products B & C) Thanks!
  5. hardcore_shad

    Force only one currency for the sale to be paid

    This is great! What files did we need to change again? Thanks.
  6. hardcore_shad

    Star_Products 1.5 Help

    Hi Terry! I wanted to help out too but I couldnt see what's wrong with your site. Custom, that error means you have not properly uploaded the sql file in your root. Try running it and refresh. Likewise, I like this contrib but after I install, the price dsnt show in the star product box. After tinkering, all the prices on the cart went blank! I am in the process of reuploading my back up site as returning the files to the original configuration did not help the price issue. I check all posts regarding price, setting defaults, etc. but none helped. I figured the damage was with another file outside of those I configured for this mod. In addition, the sql file has an error, having no index file. I hope someone resolves this as this is a wonderful mod to have indeed. Thanks! Also see this thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...101979&st=0