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  1. I can't get a text area either :(
  2. Is there an answer for this yet? I have the file open and ready to change, just need to know what to do TIA for any assistance.
  3. CherryPieDesigns

    Option Type Feature issue

    Have you found anything yet? I am still trying to work on the issue, I cant even find a thread about the option type feature to read up on it. I tried just adding the files and not altering them and installed the sql files into my php admin in my cpanel but nothing I even tried the 2.01v to see. The best I have gotten is my site to display although admin comes up blank...
  4. CherryPieDesigns

    Option Type Feature issue

    I am starting to wonder if the new version of oscommerce perhaps has some of these attributes already and we only need to install the earlier version of the contribution. I hate my zencart but until I figure out the issue I have to keep using it :(
  5. CherryPieDesigns

    Option Type Feature issue

    Hi I am making the switch over to oscommerce but not without difficulty, I have had to un-install and re-install a couple of times now because of trying to add this Option Type Feature. When I change the lines it asks me to I do what it says but from halfway down I can't find the words I need to or the coding is there already. I keep getting a blank screen in my products attributes now. Is there a copy of this stuff that is done already so I don't need to screw up everything again? TIA for your replies!!