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  1. bump. Anyone please ? i will release this to client within 2 weeks. :( thanks,
  2. Hi, I am having exactly the same problem with you, can anybody help me ? i am really out of clue here. I am using v 2.3 Regards,
  3. thoeng

    RSS News

    and [...] link on rss_reader.php doesn't work. I wonder if this is problem with wordpress RSS feeder.
  4. thoeng

    RSS News

    Hi, I have installed this contribution flawlessly. it can be viewed here The thing is that if you take a look of my column and the info box seems screwed e.g: no bullets, no line break, no images even after "more news" is clicked. the rss_reader.php seems in bad spacing. The feeder is actually my own blog (created with wordpress) and using RSS 2.0. Here is the main blog Please help me. Regards,
  5. thoeng

    Product Description 1.3

    Hi guys, I have to say this is great contribution and easy to install !! thanks for it. I have installed it with no problem. Howerver the thing is i still have other minor problem. i have gone through installation manual 3 times and still can't solve the problem I have the descriptions displayed fine if i list the product by categories. But the product descriptions won't display if product listed from: 1. Advanced Search . i have looked through my catalog/advanced_search_result.php 2. By manufacturer (infobox) 3. Shop by price. 4. New product by X month. I have looked through the demo site and i want it exactly the same. Please help. Here is the Site Please help. Let me know which code should i post.
  6. thoeng

    Dynamic SiteMap

    Babygurgles, I am having exactly the same problem like you have. Have you managed to solve it ? In addition, my sitemap is picking up weird name like What(Shopping_cart.php), or Let (index.php). Any tips on this ? Regards, BabygurglesJan 26 2008, 02:07 AM I installed v 3.1 out of curiosity as I've used Jacks contrib for ages. Such a lot of work has gone into this it really should be applauded. Sadly I don't have a lot of time and it doesn't work for me "out of the box" the information/manufacturers/Customer testimonials boxes just show as a red non link. Also when validated it kicks out some 200 errors (Although these could easily kick back to just a couple of li or ul). Fantastic job though wdepot!!