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  1. Well this is what I did,


    look for this piece of code in catalog/admin/bizrate.php


    preg_replace($_strip_search, $strip_replace, strip_tags( str_replace(">", "> ", $row->description) ) ) . "\t" .


    and replace it with this,


    preg_replace($_strip_search, $strip_replace, strip_tags( substr($row->description, 0, 999) ) ) . "\t" .


    what it does is reads the first 1000 charaters of your description, 0 to 999. I know this works, hope this helps.



    Ok, so I get google base running (froogle), and it works great


    Now I decide to take the plunge on bizrate, and end up setting up a shopzilla account to do so, $50 later, and playing with the settings I finally manage to get my products listed....


    My problem is it seems I cant have any products that have a description longer then 1000 characters.. most product descriptions in my catalog are MUCH MORE then 1000 characters..


    Does anyone have a solution to this? A work around?


    The only thing I have been considering is adding a Desc_bizrate for products.. so I can ensure that will be passed instead.


    Any thanks would be appreciated, THANKS

  2. I am having a problem with the responsehandler.php... I run <mydomain>/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php and I get this;


    Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_CASE in /************/html/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php on line 700


    Line 700 is this:


      case "order-state-change-notification": {   >>>>>here
     process_order_state_change_notification($Gresponse, $googlepayment);


    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? thanks.

  3. I have osCommerce PayPal Website Payments Pro, U.K. Edition, with PWA module installed and the direct payment(made on my site) works fine but when you click checkout with paypal button it will complete the order but with the wrong price. The price there is missing my tax. Can someone tell me what I need to adjust to fix this issue, thanks.

  4. I had a question about the installation of this contribuition.


    I am using the Search Engine Friendly URL's v 1.13.


    I followed all the instructions but it still doesn't work. It will produce the correct URL but when I go to a product or category I get a 404 no page. I think it might be because of this instruction,

    "- Cookie domain needs to be setup in config file to use SEO URLs"


    What exactly should I do for this? Thanks in advance.

  5. I have the USPS shipping module working on my site, but some of the rates are off for heavier products. I contacted USPS and they said something is not right with osCommerce. I was wondering if anyone else had a problem with incorrect shipping cost. Also to note, its not just off but way off, I have a 12lb product that cost $15 to ship parcel but it gives a rate of around $6.


  6. I'm setting up a new store and have just turned on the USPS module, filled in my shippingapis.com login and password and get the following message:


    United States Postal Service United States Postal Service

    An error occured with the USPS shipping calculations.

    If you prefer to use USPS as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.


    Running version 2.2, also checked on another store, just turned it on and entered my login info and same error.


    Anyone else seen this error?





    You need to get a hold of USPS and tell them to put you on the production server not the test server. After that should be working. Also make sure you have placed weights on product and configured your zip code.

  7. I have been looking around everywhere and haven't seen anyone else with this problem. I have everything working correctly for USPS expect that when I go to checkout, the weight of the product is always off by 3. But this only happens for the first product. All my products have the weight of 1lb, when I go to checkout for the purchase of one product the weight says 4lb's. If I try to buy two products it says the total weight is 5lb's. Please someone help me.