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  1. Solomono

    When to expect osCommerce v4 release

    Hello, thank you! 😉 Yes, some part of our team had to move to Europe when war started, some of us - went to army to defend our country, and all others - alive and still working.
  2. Solomono

    Marketing features

    great news. Would it have some attributes filter by default, does it supports SEO filter landing pages?
  3. thank you. we already working on our CE free version few months, hope will show it very soon.
  4. yes, it could be sometimes. 2 reasons: 1. we added Facebook widget on left column. sometimes it brakes all page speed for us 2. As I told in first post, our server located in Germany, you located in America, so google page speed measures ping from your computer to site server also as TTFB , so if connection was long, it could show less points. for US you can check our client`s store: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https://www.obbstartersandalternators.com/&hl=en&tab=mobile
  5. we use automatic generated images with saving in webP format, even if its name is jpg or png. So, if you have images with 5000x5000, our store changes sizes in product listing to 150x150 (editable in admin) and to 400x400 in product page with zoom . As for products quantity, we increased performance of sql-queries and added much more functionality comparing to stock oscommerce or Phoenix, for example we show products attributes in products listing, compare, wishlist buttons, labels and it does not have big influence on speed. also we have about 6 mainpage blocks on index page, and its ok. check how many blocks on main page osc 2.3 or Phoenix has. Example: our client`s store with 40000 products placed in Malaysia based on solomono oscommerce: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fshashinki.com%2Fshop%2F&hl=en
  6. Hello, friends. As you know, we continuously working on our oscommerce version, especially on its speed. We increase sql queries, php functions, lazyload and many other. So, in our last version we have about 99/100 rate in Google PageSpeed Insights, and its without pages caching. You could check it by yourself (your numbers could be different because Google check also your location. Our Server located in Germany, so if you close to Europe - rate will be the same. in US might be bit lower.) https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdemo.solomono.net&tab=mobile&hl=en And screenshot: What do you think about this? is it worth of hundreds hours of work?
  7. Hello, friends! This is Serhii from Solomono. I`m happy to introduce our new cool and trendy responsive template "Solo.Health"! (don`t forget to check mobile version Its been made for health products, but of course you can use it for ANY kind of products! Do you like it? Also we provide 30% discount for our existing testers and for this forum and ONLY for this month (August). Thank you for your time. What do you think about this new template?
  8. Hello, friends. We have many customers from different countries but we also want to hear their and your feedback about our work. We want to become much better ;) Here is our partner page, our site, and our envato page Thank you!
  9. Hello, friends! I`m Serhii, from Solomono. And we want to help you with you ANY-version osCommerce! Solomono - is a modern, fast and responsive templates, modules and addons for osCommerce with low price. Our experience in oSc is more than 11 yearsand more than 130 osc websites. Also we have more than 50 custom modules for osCommerce and we are opened for custom development! We can: install and create custom modules, plugins and addons for your osCommerce website; fix any kind of bugs and errors on your website; complete change design and layout of your website to responsive version of any design; increase speed of your website by optimizing sql queries, and changing algorhytms; make SEO optimization of your osCommerce website and help you to promote your website in Google; move your osc (or other) database to our modified version of osc with saving all data and links. Check our demo: demo.solomono.net - it's customizible, responsive, ajaxed, optimized, fast, and lightweight php 7 compatible version of osCommerce. It easy can handle hundred thousands of products and high loads. Our goal is to help people start their own profitable business, which will bring financial independence and success to it's founders! We would like to cooperate with you! Order support
  10. Hello, friends! I`m Serhii, from Solomono. And I`m glad to introduse you our first templates: demo.solomono.net and clo.solomono.net This templates are completely diferent from standart oscommerce. Its php 7.1 ready, SEO ready, mobile friendly(bootstrap), has unlimited images for products, unlimited information pages, completely different admin panel (you can try if for free, just put your email on top of page here ), very fast attribute filter, and optimized DB queries and MANY other. Our main features comparing to default oscommerce: 1. Mobile ready! 2. Modern Adaptive Layout (with ability to edit main site colors, edit blocks in left column, main page and other places) 3. Unlimited Information pages! 4. High Site Speed (faster than standart oscommerce, opencart, magento, wordpress and other) 5. SEO READY (SEO-urls, editable meta tags for products, categories and main page, texts for categories pages, editable robots.txt, generating Sitemap.xml, html-sitemap, ) 6. Fast Onepage Checkout 7. Ajax-functions (adding to cart, wishlist, comparing, search, filtering, sorting, sliders and other) 8. All new Admin panel! 9. Unlimited images for products 10. CSV import-export ..and MANY other! https://solomono.net/advantages-a-104.htm Also you can change your site colors, phones, meta tags, footer information, mainpage modules directly from admin panel. Its easy to change website design, our version has template system sililar to BTS. Also we can move your old oscommerce website to our new versions with full DB importing (products, categories, manufacturers, attributes, orders, customers, admins and other) Look more about us: https://solomono.net/about-company-a-99.html Solomono on Envato: https://codecanyon.net/user/solomono Solomono on Oscommerce: https://www.oscommerce.com/Services&developers&solomono So, tell us your reviews and questions pls. If you want to order template or some help, we would like to help you: https://solomono.net/contacts-a-76.html