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  1. yes, you dont need to implode.
  2. $cart->get_products(true) - shows array with products, added to shopping cart. this is function get_products from class includes/classes/shopping_cart.php this array is sorted from older to newer item, added to cart. so, last added item to cart its last element of array $cart->get_products(true) to get last element of array, we use "count($some_array)-1", in our case its count($cart->get_products(true))-1 other words, we could write like this: $cart_products = $cart->get_products(true); $last_count = count($cart_products)-1; $last_item = $cart_products[$last_count];
  3. when you add product to shopping cart, it adds pid to session, so, you can get last product array by $cart->get_products(true)[count($cart->get_products(true))-1]
  4. @@kymation can you answer, what will be "mistake" when he`ll delete tep_hide_session_id() from cm_search.php ?
  5. @@kymation I`ve delete this wrong function many years ago and all if fine, my clients are happy ;)
  6. Hi, you can delete it, this function is not necessary now. //// // Hide form elements function tep_hide_session_id() { $string = ''; if (defined('SID') && tep_not_null(SID)) { $string = tep_draw_hidden_field(tep_session_name(), tep_session_id()); } return $string; }
  7. hello, you have some very low sql query in your admin categories page, at first you can try to debug it in your browser, push F12 in google Chrome, select Network tab, and save product, and you`ll see what data will long loading. if its categories.php, you`ll need to make some sql queries debugger, or install