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    Some quick questions. 1. Is this like a proper auction of buying and selling like that of ebay ? 2. I have ultimate SEO urls installed and in the documentation it said something about placing right underneath it, kinda got confused there :( should i just place it under the seo urls code finishing ? or at the bottom of the page ? 3. Thank you for this addon :)
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    Auctions V2.1 Support Thread

    Hello would love to try out your version, dosent seem like this addon could work that easily. Let me know :) my email pooya@parsi . com
  3. Pooya

    "Dynamenu" for osCommerce

    Hi, i used this addon, must say its flawless, but look at the image above, when you bring your mouse over to the category it expands itself if it has any sub categories in it. So possible i could get this style ? if someone is willing to help ?
  4. Wow that was quick, guess im gona click on SEO, META TAGS , SEF URLS AND OSCOMMERCE .. :)
  5. Hello, i have seo currently running and oh well so far so good. What i would like to see more from SEO is.... Title Page Refers to Product Item following Company's Name Option to add META TAGS + Description for every page, making each page having a unique description & or keywords. Incase of Title Page referring to the product page opened for example Buy Dell Inspiron 1525 Midnight Blue in Pakistan The Meta tags used or id like to be available in the cp of every product page. <meta name="keywords" content=" "> <--- Also Could Remain Constant or Change or Add more words on every product page. <meta name="description" content=" "> <--- Option to change for every PRODUCT page as a long description can be written for the product itself. <meta NAME="title" CONTENT=" "> <--- This Remains constant on all pages as its the company's page title -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this makes sense. Please help and ill be willing to test the codes out on my site giving up2date response to the coder. :rolleyes:
  6. Hhehe doood .. you do need to brushen up on the instructions. At first i missed out on alot as i immidiately jumped to the installation part. After which noticing there was more in the beginning.. but anyways thankyou for the great ordeal u helped me with and now it works :)
  7. Omg it finaly worked :) I went and commented $this->ValidateName($url, And it worked :D Finally Thankyou
  8. Okay i use UltimateSEO2.2.2e-pre-edit and yes ive uncommented $this->ValidateName($url, This is sad :(
  9. Okay i did this contribution fully with the updated version of type... Everything works except page 2 :( next page EVen turned o nthe settings from seo and fwd url. :(
  10. Where would the latest version be ? :rolleyes:
  11. Im back :) Ok i removed the REMOVE lines and VOILA Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant in /home/vmartpk/public_html/main/includes/application_top.php on line 301 Error! Unable to determine the page link!
  12. THe results... Yo TOld me to look for $linkreturned = tep_href_link(constant(strtoupper($validate_array[0])), $validate_array[1]); But i have $linkreturned = tep_href_link(constant('' . strtoupper($validate_array[0]) . ''), $validate_array[1]); Anyways, i added the remove me 2 code to the same place. And i got this as error ECHO : index.php **This is on any product i click or category. And im using -ex- explode.
  13. Sorry guess i was being dumb :( Anywho the following are the results $validate_array[0] = FILENAME_DEFAULT-EX-CPATH=2 $validate_array[1] = $querytype = filename_default-ex-cPath=2 $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = /main/cdr-cdrw-c-2.html **This is with $validate_array = explode('--ex--', $querytype); ------------------------------- $validate_array[0] = FILENAME_DEFAULT $validate_array[1] = cPath=2 $querytype = filename_default-ex-cPath=2 $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = /main/cdr-cdrw-c-2.html **This is with $validate_array = explode('-ex-', $querytype); ------------- Do tell which explode to use :)
  14. Hey, while being bored i did the following. Firstly removed the REMOVE ME LINES Then changed $validate_array = explode('-ex-', $querytype); To $validate_array = explode('--ex--', $querytype); Also removed the Enter special character conversions And it resulted to the following below when clicked on a category. Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant FILENAME_DEFAULT-EX-CPATH=102 in /home/vmartpk/public_html/main/includes/functions/general.php on line 1359 Error! Unable to determine the page link! ----------------------------------------------- THis is with the REMOVE ME LINES. $validate_array[0] = FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO-EX-PRODUCTS_ID=620 $validate_array[1] = $querytype = filename_product_info-ex-products_id=620 $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = /main/logitech-mini-mouse-optical-p-620.html --------- $validate_array[0] = FILENAME_DEFAULT-EX-CPATH=98 $validate_array[1] = $querytype = filename_default-ex-cPath=98 $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = /main/floppy-disks-c-98.html
  15. Errrrr .... Told you to come on msn :( or any messenger, this way we could be in touch fully. Let me know of what to do.
  16. By constant yes this was the error i got when i opened a product from the index page and when i clicked a category. be it any category
  17. OKay i found this $validate_array = explode('-ex-', $querytype); Note explode('-ex-' as compared to ('--ex--' *Anyway i added the remove me code and the following are the results --------------- **While clicking a product $validate_array[0] = FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO $validate_array[1] = products_id=617 $querytype = filename_product_info-ex-products_id=617 $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = /main/a4tech-advanced-office-wireless-kbs26b5-p-617.html ---------------- **WHile clicking a category. $validate_array[0] = FILENAME_DEFAULT $validate_array[1] = cPath=3 $querytype = filename_default-ex-cPath=3 $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] = /main/dvdr-dvdrw-c-3.html
  18. How would u recond the testing phase ?
  19. After i did post # 5 this error started popping up. Else it was working fine, obviously the category breaking pages werent opening either.. I mean the Second page of my category. Else the first page of the category would open fine and everything else worked fine.
  20. By independent validation u mean post # 50 ? Ive been doing it step by step. no luck so far....
  21. Ok i got the same error :( when i goto category.. Here is an image of my SEO config Do notice the replacement values.
  22. Okay i did the following above and Got this the same error.. Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant in /home/vmartpk/public_html/main/includes/application_top.php on line 301 Error! Unable to determine the page link! On this Category link : http://www.vmart.pk/main/cdr-cdrw-c-2.html
  23. I did this and it just echoed index.php on my main page.
  24. Example of link http://www.vmart.pk/main/mobile-phones-c-100.html Btw this is happening to all the category and product pages. The error Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant in /home/xx/public_html/xx/includes/application_top.php on line 301 Error! Unable to determine the page link!