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  1. that worked perfectly. Thank you!
  2. Thank you for the wonderful module. It worked perfectly on my multi-languages website. I have tested using the standard url format locally but it somwhow failed to work on the MyDaddy's server. I have then changed to url re-write method and it worked well for my english language but I got a "404 (Page Not Found) Error" on other languages. Am I missing anything? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Hi, I've just installed the module on the v2.3.2. The module worked well for the english language, however for asian languages (e.g. japanese, chinese) the links do not come out well and have strange symbols attached to the link, both in FF and IE. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I tried this contribution on a clean install of Osc 2.2rc2a and have trouble getting it to work. The login.php and create_account.php refreshes itself and never actually got logged in or do anything. This happens when I'm logged in to my facebook account and when I logged out the page would stop refreshing itself. I am currently running this on my local machine, and in logoff.php I have changed the domain name to ".localhost" like below setcookie('fbs_'.$facebook->getAppId(), '', time()-100, '/', '.localhost'); I see other people have mentioned the same problem, has anyone actually got this sorted? I've spend 2 days working at it and still can't find any fix. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. i've just installed facebook connect on my local testing site and got an Javascript error. I went through the code and found that FB.init({appId: '<?=$fbconfig['appid' ]?>', status: true, cookie: true, xfbml: true}); if I change <?=$fbconfig['appid' ]?> from above code to <?php $fbconfig['appid' ]?> the javascript error would disappear but facebook login is still not working for me. Please help.
  6. Thank you for this great contribution! I've installed "PDF Customer Invoice v1.1" on a fresh OsC v2.2 RC2a. It went well and everything works but when i tried to install PDF Packing Slip, I get a black page in Firefox and HTTP 500 - Internal server error in IE. I double checked and went thru the instructions again but still can't fix it. Would packing slip work if I didn't install 'Email PDF as Attachment '? Please help.
  7. I found the answer, for anyone that might have encountered the same problem, its the escape function used in passing input value through url. Just removed the escape function in attributeManager.js and everything works fine again.
  8. hi, im trying to enter a new option value in english and chinese however the chinese characters are not showing up correctly. Database has been set to store big5 data, and in normal Products Attributes page (products_attributes.php) everything worked fine. I can't figure out why it's not working under ajax mode. any help would be appreciated. thank you.
  9. Thanx TomaszBG and digilee, I did a complete file comparison with the latest release and my old version (2.7.1), and found that the error was caused on my part, i accidentally added an id to a field that was the same as the optional value input field. After i removed the id, everthing worked fine again. Thank you again!!
  10. im having problem when adding numeric values to optional values. I have two languages in my site (spanish and english as default), numeric values only seemed to entered into database corretly for spanish language. For example, if I put in the value 10, 1 gets entered into the database for english lang (10 for spanish). I've tried several numbers or texts for input, numbers with 1 or 0 in it seemed to caused the problem while other numbers seemed to work fine. I've tried steveosc's solution on page 28 but still to no avail, i don't know if this has to do with language_id (english has language_id = 1 ) when it gets passed into URL. Any help is appreciated.
  11. Hi, this contribution seems just like what i needed. Im about to install, just wondering if i tried to move a product or a whole category will the image directory also be moved?