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  1. Wow so there is no support for this contribution and it is flawed. I hate uninstalling a contribution! Looks like this one has to go. Customers does not show up and when trying to add any other contributions you run into difficulty.
  2. I uploaded a version and have it working, however I am trying to add another contribution that I find extremely valuable http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2215 Copy Category I added the code from the contribution and I modified it to match the new admin. It is very simple just a couple of files, but something is hanging up and I can't seem to get it to work. (I have had it working in a standard admin before) I have added several other contrib and seem to be doing ok getting them working. Think someone can take a look at this one and see what the hangup is?
  3. Stroker396

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Disregard, My issue is not with this contributio it turns out. I checked the veiw source code and found that some hacker has done this to me <div style="display:none"><a href='http://performanceautopartsonline.com/catalog/popup_image.php/?fzde=0'>free forex courses</a> <a href='http://performanceautopartsonline.com/catalog/popup_image.php/?fzde=1'>free forex e book</a> <a href='http://performanceautopartsonline.com/catalog/popup_image.php/?fzde=2'>forex usd gbp</a> <a THis is just a sample. But when i reloaded the included file I had backed up the site came back up. Then it happened again. The same thing happened to my forum a few weeks back. I need to solve this problem first! any ideas?
  4. Stroker396

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Oh Crap! Ok so everything seemed to install fine. I still have my admin side and I can see the SEO URLs But I have lost the client side completely. I get nothing but a white screen. I am double and triple checking all the code. I upgraded from ver 2.1 or so after switching from php4 to 5 I also was unable to find where to change the last install instruction regarding the .htaccess file HELP, this site WAS live.
  5. Jack I read somewhere that when upgrading to PHP5 (which I just did) something needs to be modified all the pages are down that use this output I have been using search but I can't find the exact answer. All the other pages are working now except any with the contrib output. What am I missing? It is always something easy and simple that gets me (I get the blasted 404 page!)
  6. I had a customer alert me to this flaw. He got frustrated trying to change the shipping address (another issue) in the express checkout and when he clicked on MY ACCOUNT the information for all the others that had used that method showed up and would allow him to click on their specific orders and be able to check out what they had purchased. It is like they are all being lumped into one group which would be fine so long as the my account option was disables for express checkout only. At this point I am looking at removing the express checkout option as my only quick fix. has anyone else experienced this or found a fix. If so post a link please.
  7. Major Problem! So as I am going though all of the testing i now find that the amount for the total after the payment information is entered is being doubled and i cannot seem to find out why.
  8. again my bad I just noticed that it is applied after the coupon is created, disregard. Doh Excellent contribution.
  9. Ok I got it working. Do we have any programmers following this thread? This is not as sophisticated as the CCGV contribution and I was wondering if a couple of those files could be modified to work with this contribution. Namely: being able to limit the products or categories that the discount coupon can be applied to you could give someone a discount on an expensive item say $100 off and if they apply that to a cheaper item that only cost $125 you end up giving it away (if you honor it)
  10. I think I have a contribution confict here. When I go to click on the admin link it tried to take me to FILENAME_COUPON_ADMIN?selected_box=gv_admin and I get nothing, could this be because of the Ultimate SEO contrib or the Header Tags SEO? or is this somthing that has been encountered before and i need to go back and read up
  11. Stroker396


    Wow no support in this thread at all huh back to the drawing board
  12. Stroker396


    So it looks like almost everythng is working. I have a few minor issues to get this up and running. If you have run into these please let me know what was done to resolve it. Thanks, 1. The link to the FAQ's does not works properly. I have messed with this line to no avail It does not like a ) this is from the information.php file '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_GV_FAQ, '', 'NONSSL') . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_GV . '</a>');// CCGV 2. As stated earlier by someone else, when I create a coupon, the name and description does not appear. 3. When testing, nowhere in the checkout process is there a box to enter any kind of coupon code. I am running paypal but not IPN so I did not install that "fix" any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  13. Sorry part of the confusion is people uploading only partial and not complete contributions without labeling it as such!
  14. Wow, I just started adding this contribution and ran into a few glitches. For 1. It did not like the code to add this to the Admin panel under Catalog, it would make all the other categories disappear in catalog. No biggie, no needed for now. 2. I did run the excel.php manually from the browser, it only lets me upload at this time, no way to Export. and i get this line at the bottom Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_uploaded_file() in /home/content/s/t/r/stroker398/html/catalog/admin/excel.php on line 489 I assume because i have not uploaded anything yet. 3. Since there are 392 pages I have not had a chance to read many of them yet and the instructions are average at best. I am wondering if I upload a single product does it just add to the current product (i.e. append it to the database) or do I need to export the current list and add to it? I do not want to wipe out the work that has been done. 4. Any recommendations as to which is the best version for multiple pictures? Thanks, I will be out of town so I wanted to get this up so I can finish when I return.
  15. Stroker396

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Problem solved, the online directions forgot to mention upload the SQL file Duh! right. It works just fine once you do that. Still have not found the debug