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  1. arames

    2006 - MySQL server has gone away

    My host correc the error. There was lot of mysql queries and hence mysql server was busy causing the above error. I have restarted the mysql service and your site is loading fine now. Hope this helps others ... Regards, Arames
  2. arames

    2006 - MySQL server has gone away

    PLEAS HAS ANYBODY FOUND A SOLUTION for this, since this morning I wake up to see this error on my store .. and customer can NO longer purchase. Pleeeeeeease help me! Kind regards
  3. arames

    PayPal END page Language

    Thanx Danny .. keep me posted please
  4. arames

    PayPal END page Language

    Anybody knows what I mean? My website main language is English, Main Currency is US Dollars, and changed PayPal default language to English as well ... still when a customer is being redirected to pay me via PayPal, he gets the German version of PayPal. Why? Kind regards, Arames T.
  5. arames

    PayPal END page Language

    Hello, I am using the default PayPal payment, and it is working great. The only problem since my PayPal account is from Germany, when a client chooses to pay me via PayPal then the page that loads for him is in German. Please note that I did the following: + Changed in PayPal account the default language to English + Made English as Default Language in Oscommerce + Made US Dollar as Default currency Still no luck .... :o Any help please? Kind regards, Arames T.
  6. arames

    Worlpdpay junior 1.0, Osc 2.2rc2a problem ?

    Anybody found a solution for MySQL 5.0 and PHP 5.2 ??? Please I keep getting callback 500 Error emails.... :(
  7. arames

    Worldpay and PHP 5.0 +

    Thnx Alex, the wpcallback.php is 644
  8. arames

    Worldpay and PHP 5.0 +

    Thnx Alex, the wpcallback.php is 644
  9. arames

    Worldpay and PHP 5.0 +

    p.s: here is the CALLBACK ERROR EMAIL: Error reported: Callback to https://www.mydomain.com/shop/wpcallback.php: NOT OK, recevied HTTP status: 500
  10. arames

    Worldpay and PHP 5.0 +

    Hi there, I have been using worldpay for over 3 years now without any problems .. unfortunately my server had to be upgraded to MySQL 5.0.67 and PHP Version: 5.2.9 (Zend: 2.2.0) And now i get CALLBACK error emails from WorldPay. Anybody found a solution for this? Please please this is URGENT i need your help :( Kind regards, Arames T.
  11. arames

    Worldpay update?!

    If you go to your Payment module under your administration area in oscommerce then there is NO Callback Link to Worldpay pages, which i assume will NOT NEED any update from our side. Thus, leave the settings as they are and the payment should still work after Worldpay makes their update. Correct me if I am wrong on this :blush: Kind regards, Arames T.
  12. arames


    Did anyone use AuctionCheckout on Oscommerce? Does it work? do you recommend it? Thx
  13. Sorry forgot to give you the URL of the MonsterTemplate that i bought: MonsterTemplate here you can see the LEFT side has ONLY 15 Categories (starting with Home Furniture and ending with Artist Easels ), if we want to add more categories then they will simply NOT show on the left side. Also notice if you click on ANY product, then you can NOT see on top of the product something like: Main Store >> Artist Easels >> Name of the product which is very important so that customers can know WHERE they are and how to go back and choose another product. As said earlier I am willing to pay for this help. All the best, Arames T.
  14. Hello all together and thank you for taking time to read and help me. I have bought a Template for my Oscommerce shop from Monstertemplates.com Unfortunately the template need a lot of modification and I couldn't figure them out with their code. :blush: Here are the major problems: 1/ The left side column has a place for 15 Categories, but my store has over 43 categories (including the subcategories), so basically only the first 15 of my categories are showing and NOT the rest. 2/ When you click on category that has a subcategories in it, then the subcategories are ONLY shown in the left Column and NOT in the middle of the page, like it should, so customers can choose a subcategory and enter. 3/ In the product description, Monstertemplate have the picture shown at the left side inside a table and the description inside a row, which makes it look nice on small description, but horrible on long descriptions. How can I have the image of the product shown at the top (like a normal Oscommerce store) So I need anybody who can help and i will be more then happy to pay him via PayPal or Moneybookers. Again thank you in advance for the support. :thumbsup: Arames T. Berlin, GERMANY
  15. arames

    SETCOM payment module?

    It worked !!! :) Thank you so much for your great support :thumbsup: 1 last thing though ... I tried to place an order from my site , of course using the TESTBUYER@SETCOM.COM user, when I chose the Credit Card to pay, I was redirected to: www.mydomain.com/store/checkout_payment.php?error_message=Your+credit+card+could+not+be+authorised+for+the+following+reason%3A+Pending+or+Declined and got this messager: Your credit card could not be authorised for the following reason: Pending or Declined Is this suppose to happen? Is everything working now? I hope the answer is yes and I hope our customers will start paying through your services. Best Regards, Arames