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  1. I have osCommerce 2.2rc2a installed on my server with Google Checkout Module v1.4.5. Do i need SSL Certificates? Doing a little research i found this on the Google Checkout Help Center: - You do not need an SSL certificate if you're integrating via an off-the-shelf shopping cart. - You do not need an SSL certificate if you're using the API to integrate your shopping cart only. - You do need an SSL certificate, however, if you're integrating your order management system. - If you're using HTTPS in the sandbox environment, you must also have a valid SSL certificate. So... do I need one? And if I dont... does not having it can affect order processing with a Sandbox account? Thanks!
  2. I have osCommerce with the Google Checkout Payment Module installed. I have it running on a Sandbox key and it works fine except for one thing. After Google Checkout has processed an order, the product quantity isnt subtracted from the osCommerce catalog. I noticed also the osCommerce doesnt shows any purchase in "Order Totals", so i guess that after GC has processed the order no data is being sent to osCommerce. I have the "Subtract Stock" option set to True in osCommerce. I thought itll do something so i tried adding a callback URL in the Google Checkout account, but nothing happened. Is there a chance that this is happening because im using a sandbox account? If anyone could help with be awesome. This is a big problem and cant start my ebusiness without solving this. Thanks!!!
  3. Dreckent

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hello Again! I have osCommerce installed with the Google Checkout Payment Module. I was using a Google Checkout Buyers Sandbox Account to test the catalog and i found out that if after adding products to my cart i clicked in the Google Checkout Button and proceed with the order, the osCommerce catalog wouldnt update the product quantity, i mean, after an order has been procesed through Google Checkout, the quantity of the products bought wont be substracted from the osCommerce catalog. Is this happening because im using a sandbox account or because i didnt logged to osCommerce before Checking Out? How have you guys solved this? PS: I have the "Substract Stock" option set to"TRUE" in oscommerce.
  4. Dreckent

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Hello! I have installed osCommerce and the Google Checkout payment module and I would like all the orders to be procesed only through Google Checkout. I can make Google Checkout process all the shopping carts and calculate the shipping cost through Carrier Calculated Shipping, but i also need Google to calculate the taxes for each order. I only need to charge a 15.50$ tax to purchases made from the state of California. I thought i could do that just by entering the "Settings" option in my Google Checkout Merchant Account, but it doesnt work. I created a Google Checkout Buyers Account with a California Address to test this and, after buying, Google Checkout would only show the total price of the shopping cart contents plus the shipping cost, but 0 taxes. I read the help center article dedicated to taxes configuration through the "Settings" option and in the bottow of the article i found this: "Note: If you submit a shopping cart which includes the tag <tax-tables>, we'll ignore any tax values set in the Merchant Center." My guess is that if i delete the "Tax Tables" from my shopping cart then i could manage the tax configuration through the "Settings" of my Google Checkout Merchant Account. Does anyone knows how to delete the "Tax Tables"? or Does anyone have found out another way to make Google Checkout add an specific tax rate to a state? Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Dreckent

    Offical Google Checkout module for osCommerce Support Thread

    Ive installed the Google Checkout Payment Module for osCommerce (the latest version). I intend to use the Carrier Calculated Shipping option and i wanted to be sure that orders from outside the US werent going to be accepted. On that matter i read on the README file the following lines: "Only US Domestic shipping address are allowed right now. If shipping address is Int'l only Flat Rate shippings will be shown." Is there a way to stop Google Checkout from processing orders from outside the US at all? If there isnt, what Flat Rates is the README text talking about? ¿Are those the Flat Rates configured in the Shipping Modules of osCommerce (cause the Google Checkout Payment Module doesnt shows a "type your Flat Rates here" option? If i use the Carrier Calculated Shipping option and disable the Flat Rates in the Shipping Modules, what will happen with clients coming from outside the US? ¿What would Google Checkout show them? PS: I had version 1.4.5 installed but i downloaded v2 and pasted it on top of the older files. The Google Checkout Payment Module seems to be working fine, but it keeps showing that the version im using is the 1.4.5. Am i playing with fire here? Thanks!!! Dreckent